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Jeevitha speaks about Mahankali


Jeevitha is directing a film 'Mahankali' based on the original incident happened in Delhi. It created sensational news for all channels at that time. But after few days, everyone forgot about the incident. People who have intention to punish the criminals should watch our film. Rajasekhar and Madhurima are the lead roles in the movie. Rajasekhar plays the role of encounter specialist . Our film will hit theatres on March 8.


Who is Mahankali? What is the story of him?


Our story is about a Police Officer who is sincere and lawful. It is the story of an officer who doesn't spare criminals. Mostly, our story runs with the backdrop of an officer who manages the pressure from the higher authorities.


What is the reason behind of late release?


We overcame many troubles during the shoot. Due to Rajasekhar's severe injury, shooting has been postponed for many days and  industry's bandh also affected us.  We crossed many hurdles one by one.

The story was written two years ago. There might be subtle differences in the situations happening now and which happened in the past.
Recent situations happening  in the society were enhanced more and picturised in our film.


What is the experience of working with your real hero Rajasekhar?


I enjoy working with him. He has an exact view in every aspect of  what he does. If problems are ahead, we take decisions together. Working again with him after 'Seshu' and 'Evadaithe Nakenti' gave me satisfaction.


Why do you direct only Rajasekhar's films?


Situations demanded me to hold the mega phone so I became a forced director. This has happened with my earlier films i.e., 'Seshu' and 'Evadaithe Nakenti' and the same repeated with 'Mahankali' too. Due to some reasons I replaced Mahankali for ‘Kartikeya’.


You are known to be involved in all Rajasekhar's films. What is your opinion?


Yes, I accept the fact and I too know it. If any director comes and says the story, I may have some doubts. As a responsible director one should clarify my doubts. Without doing that, they should not question me as "why Jeevitha is asking doubts"?


Do you have any interest in re-entry?


No thoughts at present regarding re-entry but I cannot predict the future. Even then, I have a strong desire to work for a reality show which brings awareness in the people . Most of the TV channels approached me to conduct entertainment shows but I am  not interested as they are for time pass.


Will you introduce your daughter Sivani to industry?


Sivani is studying 11th standard. As we belong to cinema field they might have the craze for film industry. She is good at singing and dancing. She wants to  become pop singer and her interest lies in releasing music albums.

Updated on April 24, 2020