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I am a Back Bencher - Madhura Sridhar Reddy


Madhura Sridhar, who proved himself with his films like 'Sneha Geetam' and 'It's my Love Story' wants to create a benchmark with his upcoming flick 'Back Bench Student'. Let’s spend some time to know what he has to say about his film releasing on March 15th. Here are few excerpts from the interview.

Is it true that you have made 'Back Bench Student' with your real time experiences?
Yes, this is a movie which has been made with my real time experiences. I give career guidance to many students who approach me every Saturday and Sunday.

What is the connection between guidance and your film?
It has a link. One day a B.Tech student named Karthik has come up with a love problem that his girl friend had gone to U.S leaving him behind. Unable to handle the situation, he approached me for a solution. Considering it as a sensitive issue I have taken him to a Psychiatrist.

Then this film is based on Karthik's story. Isn't it?
Chetan Bhagath's 'Revolution 2020' is a role model and Karthik's story gave me an inspiration. Now, Karthik owns a company and giving life to his staff members. He married an orphan girl, settled in the US and leading a prosperous life.

What is the story line of 'Back Bench Student’?
My hero fails in 16 subjects. He loves a girl who leaves him behind and flies to U.S.A. Later he will fall deeply in love with another girl. At this juncture, the story gets twisted when his first girl friend enters his life again. Our story mainly discusses about a sensitive point saying whether a person really fails in his whole life just because he failed in his exams and love.

You are a first ranker. Right?
Yes, but I am a back bench student because of height problem.

Are you giving any messages to youth through this film?
This is a pure love story and good brains come up only from back benches.

You mostly target youth audience. Are you a follower of Vivekananda?
Regarding the budget, I target youth always. Guys aged between 16-30 yrs are close to the subject matter of love and career. So, I choose these kind of films.

What kind of comedy we can expect in this movie?
Good marks will be given by audience to the comedy tracks of Brahmanandam.

Tell us about your stars in the film.
Mahath, a Telugu guy who settled in Chennai is being introduced for the first time to Telugu Industry. While Piaa is making her debut through this film, Archana has done a good job.

Is there any specific reason to maintain Sunil Kasyap as your music composer for all of your films?
I got tuned to his music. He composes melody track so well and provides wonderful re-recording. I like his music because he scores it differently.

You are planning to remake the film 'Vicky Donor' in Telugu with a star. Aren't you?
Yes, I’m. But I want to maintain suspense about the star for some time.

Updated on April 24, 2020