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Ruler has political elements - Boyapati Sreenu


One of Tollywood’s most successful directors Boyapati Sreenu is celebrating his birthday today. After delivering consecutive hits like ‘Bhadra’, ‘Tulasi’ and ‘Simha’, he came up with an average movie ‘Dammu’ with NTR. However, he is now back with his new project tentatively titled ‘Ruler’ once again with Balakrishna. On the occasion of his birthday today, he took some time out on Wednesday to speak a few words about his upcoming project and his vision on films.

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is a great human- being who realized the hunger of poorBoyapati Sreenu Birthday Interview
While leader is like torch light, ‘Ruler’ is like sun light.  I’m a great fan of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao garu.  I saw him once when he came to our home town.  But he was not there at the time I entered the film industry.  He is a great human-being who realized the hunger of poor and started the scheme of Rs 2/- per kg.  Till today no one has replaced him.  Hence he is the ‘Ruler’. 
Ruler has political elements
After ‘Simha’, I’m going to do another film with Nandamuri Balakrishna under the banner 14 Reels Entertainment.  We are considering the working title as ‘Ruler’.  I can’t say that it will be greater than ‘Simha’, but yes, I can assure that it will not fall below the standards of ‘Simha’. I’m making efforts to portray Balakrishna in a new role keeping in mind the audience and fans’ expectations from Balakrishna. Many are asking if I will also be dealing with politics in this film.  Yes, there are political elements in this film but only to the extent required to the story.  I will go by the story and shoot what is required only.  Editing should be simply done on the paper as I do not like to increase the burden to the producer.

I like to create hit movies only
Even before coming into films, I used to earn twenty thousand rupees in my native place through my photo studio.  I came into this field only with love and passion on it.  Dedication is the key to success as per my vision.  Money is secondary.  So even though I make my producer spent on the film, I assure that every paisa spent on it is visible on the screen.  The definition of huge budget film is when money is spent needlessly and it’s not called a hit film.  I like to create only hit movies.

Films carry social resposibility
Action is part of the story only.  So I never crossed my limits with the name of ‘Action’.  ‘Bhadra’ is a clean family film.  I showed Venkatesh in a different angle in ‘Tulasi’.  ‘Dammu’ is the only film which had less action part when compared to rest of my earlier films.  Films also carry social responsibility, so one should not forget that while doing films.  A leading hero will get box-office collections of Rs 15 crores within two days of his film’s release.  One must try to understand the standard of that film. In that case in what way are we trying to educate the society?  I don’t like to include vulgar dialogues in the name of entertainment because its impact will be seen only in future than now.

I don’t like to use hero as a poster
I don’t like to use hero as a poster.  No emotion is greater than human relation.  So the audience will be completely satisfied when the director is able to drive emotion through hero.

I think in my own way
I don’t like to compare myself with others like how all five fingers are not equal.  Hence instead of thinking like others, I think in my own way.  When a film becomes hit, all drawbacks will be covered.  At the same time when it’s a flop every small bit of the movie will be captured.  That’s the reason why I take my own time while doing the script work, due to which I get good grip on the subject and will also be able to analyze the budget.

Updated on April 24, 2020