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Pavithra tells Aatma Siddhi is essential than Deha Siddhi - Janardhan Maharshi


Shriya starrer ‘Pavithra’ is releasing on June 7th. Janardhan Maharshi carved this movie that projects the battle between a prostitute who trusts her body and a politician who betrays his country for cash. K Saadak Kumar and Maheshwara Reddy have jointly produced the film. As part of film promotion director Janardhan Maharshi organised a press meet a couple of days before the release of ‘Pavithra’ to brief about his film. Check it out below.

'Devastanam' was like sweet Tirupathi Laddu, 'Pavithra' is like masala mixed Chilli BajjiJanardhan Maharshi Interview on Pavithra
‘Pavithra’ is a satirical movie that would genuinely touch the audience’s hearts. While my earlier film ‘Devastanam’ was like a sweet Tirupathi laddu, ‘Pavithra’ can be compared to a masala mixed chilli bajji.   ‘Pavithra’ can be told as the headlines of incidents that occurred in India during last 10 years.  I’m confident that this film will earn me a good image as much as ‘Devasthanam’ did.  Maheshwara Reddy and Saadak Kumar are in the industry for the past 30 years but are new to production department.  They have encouragement me to do an experienced film by giving me complete freedom.

'Pavithra' tells 'Aatma Siddhi' is important than 'Deha Siddhi'
‘Pavithra’ is a story of a prostitute that tells ‘Aatma Siddhi’ (self-realization) is essential than ‘Deha Siddhi’ (divine body).  This film is the battle between a prostitute who believes in her body and a politician who betrays his country for cash.  We are frequently reading about acid attacks, eve teasing, real estate frauds and political prostitution.  Our film showcases Pavithra’s battle against all these elements.  ‘Pavithra’ is the story of a prostitute but it’s a must watch film for every woman.  In other words, ‘Pavithra’ is in line with ‘Prathi Ghatana’ and ‘Karthavyam’.  This movie has the influence of T Krishna, K Balachander, Shyam Benegal and Putlanna Kanagal.

There is lot of scope to tell a story through a prostitute character
While I thoroughly enjoyed doing a film like ‘Devastanam’, I decided to do a contrast movie after that.  So I was inspired by an incident that happened abroad 20 years ago.  A politician who graced an event refused to share the dais with a sex worker.  Thereafter the sex worker challenges that she would win against him from the same constituency and proved it. I would not have succeeded in telling what I wanted if I project an ordinary housewife as a heroine.  Whereas there is lot of scope to tell a story through a prostitute character as there would be several experiences with several people in her life. That’s the reason I choose the prostitute character.

Shriya truly believes that 'Pavithra' will earn her an award
The role of ‘Pavithra’ demands actress with beauty, performance, ability and popularity.  Since we felt Shriya is the aptly suitable for the role, we have approached her.  Although she hesitated to do the film initially, later she understood the depth in the character and started living with the character.  She truly believes that this film will earn her an award.  Other stars in the film are Sai Kumar as politician, Ravi Babu as Dongaswamy, Brahmanandam as writer, Jayaprakash Reddy as jailor, Shivaji as fashion designer and Tanikella Bharani and Yandamuri Veerendranath as chiefs of two communities despite being politicians.  Shivaji and Yandamuri Veerendranath are playing negative roles in the film.

Updated on April 24, 2020