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My only goal in life is to get a National Award - Madhavi Latha


When you talk with actress Madhavi Latha, you can’t help but be captivated by her. This is true even if she wasn’t a Nandi Award, Filmfare Award or National Award winning actress who did very few films like ‘Nachchavule’ and ‘Snehituda’. She speaks with authority and confidence, yet amusing. If one notices the sparkle in her eyes, it reveals she is still confident about going strong in the profession that she chose at a young age. Today, she tells that a role in director Krishna Vasa’s film would be a turning point of her career. “I’m expecting a National Award for this film”, says the bold and beautiful actress who is confident about her decision and felt ready to take the plunge. Madhavi Latha gives her first interview since her come back into films. Have a read (an exclusive interview with Ragalahari).

Hi Madhavi, how are you doing?
Hi, I’m well.

After ‘Snehituda’ in 2009, you almost vanished.  Could you please tell your fans and our readers why it took so long to return back to the industry?
Yes, I almost vanished after ‘Snehituda’. I’m now opening up to everyone.  I’ve a communication skill problem and also can’t mingle with all.  That’s because I’m not game for skin show.  And the second reason was my education.  My dad wanted to see me as a doctor but I failed to fulfill his wish.  However finally I completed my M.A in Sociology and joined in M.Sc (Fashion Tech) in UK.  That is one of the reasons why I’mMadhavi Latha Exclusive Interview away from the industry.

Well, what have you learnt from your past?
I’ve learnt several things in life and circumstances have taught me about the film industry and the people involved in it.  Here, girls need to have sweet smile, good communication skills, good command of spoken English and lots more.

Before making your acting debut in Tollywood, has you any experience in film industry?
No, I did not have any experience but I can say that I’m a born artist.  I used to participate in several cultural events and social activities since my childhood because I love acting very much.

How did you feel when you first walked in an audition?
That was lil scary audition when I met Ravi Babu garu for the first time.  He looked tall with serious face.  However I felt comfortable after speaking to him.  He is a very nice person.  Fortunately they waited for me to cast me in female lead role in ‘Nachchavule’.  I had to rush for styling my hair and then the photo shoot as the movie was to launch within the time span of three days. But thanks to Ravi Babu garu.

Was your film entry by accident or planned?
As I said earlier, I had passion for acting right from my childhood.  My dream, my passion, my desire and my goal all put together have brought me to the industry.  In other words, my dream has come true.

Let’s talk about your comeback into films. 
Well, I had plans to come back into films after returning back from UK.  Exactly during that time I got offers like ‘Aravind-2’ and ‘Chudalani Cheppalani’. ‘Chudalani Cheppalani’ is a different conceptual film in which I played a deaf and dumb girl and Tarakaratna played the blind guy.  Later offers poured in but seriously, I didn’t want to do any film that comes my way because money is not important for me.  I want to do good roles and hence waited for it.  Eventually I got a call from director Krishna Vasa for the film I’m currently working for alongside Ghazal Srinivas.

Could you tell us what is the film really about and the role you are playing?
It’s a periodical film on 1950s backdrop based on Chalam’s novel.  I’m playing a pure Telugu woman in this film.

How did the producers approach you for the film?
Actually, I never knew who the producers were for that film. As I knew Krishna Vasa for the past 6 years and I used to generally share with him about my dream of getting a National award.  So he promised me that he would definitely offer me a role if he directs a film.  And I was like ok ok (smiles) because I did not trust his words and days passed away….infact I can say that it’s been ages.  After four years, finally I received a call from him asking me to come to his office.  He said that he is gonna narrate the story to me that would show me the way to win the National award.  So I immediately went to his office which was also a recording studio.  After listening to his story narration, I felt awesome and at the same time nervous too, because the character was so heavy.  Nevertheless I took it as a challenge and accepted it.  Honestly I never remembered his promising words which he told me few years ago.  But trust me, he had not forgotten that I’m worth playing that role.  So that’s how I’m into the project.  I met my producer Raviraj Reddy while shooting in a location at Palakollu.  He is none other than my director’s close friend.

Telugu heroine Madhavi Latha Exclusive InterviewTell us a little about the director’s work too?
My director Krishna Vasa is basically a very talented musician and he has an awesome grip on Telugu accent and language.  The modulation of dialogues is pretty tuff. My role is something similar to yester year actress Savitri’s kind of dramatic action and dialogue delivery too.  I’m playing a pure Telugu woman and its so tuff that for the first time I’m being prompted by him.  But I’m confident that I can do 100% justice to my role because of my director who trusted me and considers me as great actress.

Who’s composing the music for this film and who’s the cinematographer?
As said earlier, my director is a talented musician and good singer too.  So he rendered the music by himself. Koti is the cinematographer.  He worked for several movies in Telugu and Tamil.  He is a good friend of our director.  Overall it’s a friends’ film.

There appears to be husband-wife bonding scenes between you and Ghazal Srinivas in the film?  How comfortable are you with the actor?
Yeah, it’s a beautiful story of husband and wife.  But there are no romantic scenes in it. Beyond that I can’t reveal anything right now.  Gazal Srinivas is a good human being and makes people comfortable.  So I’m very much comfortable to work with him.  Hahaha…he treats me like a small kid because I look that small……lol.

What is the feedback on your performance in the movie so far?
Feedback is good.  My director is very happy about my performance.  According to him my judgement is always perfect.  Apart from him, Gazal garu, my producer and crew members are also happy about my performance.

After doing light-hearted films like ‘Nacchavule’ and ‘Snehituda’, don’t you feel pressure to do a role of this kind?
Yeah definitely, because this film is completely contrast when compared to my earlier films.  This role is so heavy that I had to carry a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.  However I feel it as pleasure and not pressure.  This kind of roles is a rare phenomenon and I’m honored to get one.

Are you expecting an award?
Yes 100%.  We are making this film aiming for an award.  I’m expecting a NATIONAL AWARD indeed as I feel I deserve it.  I don’t care and I don’t bother about those people who will call it over confidence.  When I accepted this role many told me that I took a wrong step.  But truly I don’t care.  Our target is award and women.  I will speak more about it after the completion of our film.

We know that you are a Telugu girl.  Could you brief a little more about yourself, your family background and your education?
Yes, I’m a Telugu girl but born in Karnataka and grew up in Pune.  We were in Karnataka for 16 years and I pursued my degree in Bellary Womens College.  My dad is a railway employee and my mom is a home-maker.  I’ve two elder brothers – 1st brother Mohan is working in Pharmaceuticals and 2nd brother is in Indian Army and currently lives in South Africa.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?Nachchavule heroine Madhavi Latha Interview
My strengths are that I’m confident, daring and dashing.  I simply listen to my heart and do whatever it says.  I like challenges.  I’m self-confident to solve it.  My weaknesses are sentiments and emotions.  Even though I’m a brave girl, my emotions pull me back most of the time. Yet I’ve not gone through the downfall stage. My family is my main strength.

Do you have a God father in the industry?
I’ve no God father.  I’m fighting for life, truth and honesty all alone.  It’s very rare to find true people these days.  However I’m not going to leave my morals and ethics.  I’m sorry to say that.

You are a talented actress who hasn’t gotten the needed recognition over the past few years.  Did you regret for it?  Who deserves the blame?
I don’t wanna blame any one for that.  If at all I need to blame, it’s me, myself because even though I’m talented, I’m not smart enough to act with people.  These days talent wont workout, one has to be smart to rule.  So I do regret for not getting the much needed recognition.  But it’s a waste of time.  So I’ve decided that ‘No regrets No pains’.

In the past two decades, heroines from north and neighborhood states are ruling the Telugu film industry.  Did you ever get the impression that you were born in the wrong decade?
No never! I agree that North Indians are ruling the industry.  But I still feel proud of being a Telugu girl.  It’s directors and producers who want them here and making them stars.  I’ve No attitude, if people have problem with my attitude that’s not my problem.

So you think Telugu film industry is loosing its originality day by day.
100%.  I’m sure the Telugu industry will loose everything after 5 years as Talent has no value here.  It’s been 6 years since I entered this field.  Now I can see lot of changes in the industry.  Not just the industry, it’s very difficult to find true people in the society as such.  Nevertheless all are good at heart when it comes to their personal lives.

What are your top three favourite movies in Telugu.  Who are your top three favourite directors and top three favourite heroes?
Top three favourite movies – Abhinandana, Gang Leader, Samsaram Oka Chadarangam.

Top three heroes – Childhood hero Chiranjeevi, School days hero Srikanth and now it’s Pawan Kalyan, but I’m not a fan of him.

Going by today’s trend, are you open for intimate scenes?
Intimate scenes???? You mean Liplock kind off????  I’m SORRY.

I appreciate your guts for still believing that you can carve a bright career without all that.
I like to be what I wanna be.  If others have problem with me let them be.  Life is a choice.   One needn’t have to chase anyone.  No regrets No pain.  Keep Smiling Always.(Smiles)

What personal goals do you have for yourself?
I’ve only one goal in life, which is to get a National Award.  Right now I’m running a Foundation named NAKSHATHRA FOUNDATION.  I’m running this for needy people.  I want to do something good to the society as much as I could till my last breath.  My entire family is supporting me for the social cause.  Right from my grandfather to myself, we are all dedicated to our country.

Do you have any last words for your fans?
Not last words, but Small words.  Do good, be good. Never hurt anyone with your words.  Don’t disrespect girls, whoever it is.  Life is very short.  So just be happy even in struggles.  God is there to help you out.  Chill and enjoy.  Thanks for loving me and keep loving me.

Thank you so much Madhavi Latha for your wonderful bold answers.  We wish you good luck for a bright film career.


Updated on April 24, 2020