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Doosukelta exhibits my dancing skills - Lavanya Tripati


After publishing interviews of several celebrities, today, we have the gorgeous talented screen diva Lavanya Tripati, who talked about her upcoming film ‘Doosukelta’, in theaters on October 17. The actress who earned craze among the youth audience through her girl next door looks in her debut movie ‘Andala Rakshashi’, she is now set to sizzle on silver screen in a glamour role. Directed by Veeru Potla and produced by Dr Mohan Babu on 24 Frames Factory banner, ‘Doosukelta’ starring Manchu Vishnu and Lavanya Tripati is releasing worldwide on coming Thursday ()ct 17). On this occasion the media got to chat with the actress about her upcoming role as well as other aspects of the film. Check out what Lavanya had to tell us!

Tell us a little about yourself before we start discussion on ‘Doosukelta’.
I hail from Dehra Dun.  However everyone here think that I’m a Telugu girl.  Some of them even address me as Lavanya Tirupathi instead of Lavanya Tripati.  The reason for them to think that way was Chinmayee’s dubbing for my character in ‘Andala Rakshasi’.  Her voice was so much suitable to my personality that she has to be given the entire credit.

What can you tell us about your new film ‘Doosukelta’?Lavanya Tripati on Doosukelta
It’s a pucca mass masala movie.  I’m sure everyone will like it.

How different is your character in this film from the character you played in ‘Andala Rakshasi’?
As you all know, I played a very simple college girl without make-up in my debut film.  But when it comes to this film, my character is quite contrast.  I will appear glamorous and at the same time it has good scope for performance.

You said that you will be seen in a glamour role.  Can you brief a little more about your character in ‘Doosukelta’?
My character in this film is sweet, humble and emotional.  It’s honest, simple and takes good care in every small thing in life.  I played Dr. Alekhya in this film in which Vishnu and I are childhood friends.  I call him ‘Chinna’ in the movie.

What is it like to work with Vishnu?
Vishnu is a good actor.  He is very supportive during shootings.  Despite coming from reputed family, he had not put me down anytime because I’m a new artist.  He is very jovial on the set.  Working with him is very funny.  The set would be even more energetic with the presence of his children Ariaana and Viviana.

We would also like to hear a little about producer Mohan Babu from you?
Mohan Babu garu is very sincere and disciplined person.  He is also very straight forward.  His principles have immensely impressed me because I too like to be disciplined.  I would feel happy whenever he used to appreciate my work on sets.  This unit treated me like a queen.  Hence I felt very comfortable working with this team.

What can you tell us about director Veeru Potla?
Veeru is a great director.  He narrated the character Alekhya in a very easy manner.  I was given a lot of freedom by him.  I learnt that he is best in carving the comedy scenes.  Here I would like to share another thing.  This movie was like a learning session for me, especially comedy scenes in the combination of Brahmanandam garu.  I was able to perform with great ease with the support of other senior artists too.

Who are your role models in film industry?
Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit are my favourite actresses.  I wish to do alteast few of their characters in my career.

We have learnt that you dance well.
(Smiles) Dance is my passion.  The audience will get to see my dancing skills in this film.  I also did a mass song.  Prem Rakshit did a wonderful job.

What are the highlights of ‘Doosukelta’?
‘Doosukelta’ has all elements including dance, romance and comedy that is required for a commercial movie.  I’m sure the movie will be a huge success.

When you are first presented with a script, what is the first thing that goes through your mind?
Story should mainly interest me.  The character I play should have prominence and at the same time there should also be commercial elements.  The role I play should be in such a way that even if I appear on screen for few minutes, it should remain in the hearts of the audience forever.  I do not intend to do routine characters.  I prefer to do both glamour and de-glamour roles. More than the commercial hit of the film, story and significance of my character is very important to me.  That’s how I try to select different roles

One last question, what are your upcoming projects?
I signed two films in Tamil.  I will be going to Europe shortly for shooting one of them.  In Telugu, I’m yet to finalize anything as I’m still under the listening process.  So I will reveal the details once it is confirmed.

Updated on April 24, 2020