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Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor is one of my best works - Melody Brahma Mani Sharma


‘Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor’ is all set to hit the theatres on June 2nd. This is produced by Madhura Sreedhar under his banner Madhura Entertainment while cult filmmaker Vamsy is wielding the megaphone. Melody Brahma Mani Sharma is the music composer. The film is touted as the sequel to the sensational success ‘Ladies Tailor’ which came thirty years ago. Recently the songs were unveiled and they got an overwhelming response. Mani Sharma shared his reactions on that as follows:

How are you going to show fashion in your music?
Each period has its own fashion. So far, I have worked with 80-90 directors but until now I didn’t get to work with Vamsy Garu. It was my dream to work with him since very long and it got fulfilled now through this film.

Your Guru Ilayaraaja composed music for ‘Ladies Tailor’ and now you are composing for its sequel, how do you feel about it?
I am not a skilled talker like you (laughs…). I consider composing music to the sequel of ‘Ladies Tailor’ which had music by Ilayaraaja as my biggest blessing. I am positive I have delivered music which will make my Guru proud.

When you had a long standing desire to work with Vamsy Garu, what stopped you?
Anything that happens in film industry is a miracle. We must only wait and not brood as to why it is not happening. All these days this miracle didn’t happen and now it did, that’s all.

You did many movies with Chiranjeevi Garu back to back. At one stage, many felt Chiranjeevi will not do a movie without Mani Sharma’s music. Given that, how did you miss his comeback venture ‘Khaidi No 150’?
Like I mentioned few moments ago, for anything to happen a miracle is required. And it didn’t happen in this case.

What was your experience with producer Madhura Sreedhar?
He is a gentleman. He gives a lot of freedom. Being owner of Madhura Audio label, he always appreciates good music. He never told me to compromise on anything or pushed me to do something. He took care of me so well.

How do you feel doing a movie with Vamsy Garu after many years?
Our meeting itself was fabulous. Since I know how the songs in Vamsy Garu’s movies will be and his taste, I could finish the work quickly. My feeling is, I am best at giving songs as per any director’s taste.

Ilayaraaja Garu is the music composer for ‘Ladies Tailor’. Did you keep that in mind while composing tunes for this film?
No, I composed the tunes with a free mind. Whenever we compose a tune we must put our full heart into it, only then the output will be best. That is why every song of mine has a fresh feel.

Are all songs in this film melodies?
Yes, all of them are melodies. I took this album as a challenge and composed the tunes. I ensured each song has a unique feel.

How was your experience working with Vamsy Garu?
It is a wonderful experience. A creator is always a creator. I really admire him and his films. This is one project I was waiting since long.

Do you feel this film has the fun and story elements like ‘Ladies Tailor’?
This film has more fun and entertainment than ‘Ladies Tailor’. I am certain this film will be liked by all and you will hear it from the audience as well after watching the film. Of course, this film does not have any link with ‘Ladies Tailor’. It is just that the Ladies Tailor’s son is this Fashion Designer.

Your favourite song in this film?
My favourite is ‘Kanulemito…’. Which is composed in ‘Shanmukha Priya’ raaga? I toiled a lot for this track but after listening to the final version of the track, I forgot the pains I took to compose this. This song has a very contemporary rhythm.

Vamsy Garu is a silent man, you are also equally silent. How did you both have a conversation?
Cinema is a product. Though everyone’s intent is to ensure the product has to come out well, you must listen to everyone. Given that, when the director himself speaks that’s it, it is the last word. We must listen when he speaks.

When did you actually meet Vamsy Garu?
I met him during this film only. We never met before that.

You mentioned that giving tunes as per the hero of the film is your forte, how will Sumanth Ashwin’s body language be in this film?
I followed only Vamsy Garu’s thought process for this film. I compose tunes like that only for big hero’s movies.

The current set of music directors are composing tunes as per today’s requirement. How should the senior music directors update themselves?
We must update ourselves but music has nothing to do with age. For that matter, I can convert any song into a melody.

Do you see any difference in the music of yesterday and today?
Earlier, if songs and background score were good, films became musical hits. Nowadays, even if the songs are bad and cinema is a hit, it is a musical hit.

Your upcoming projects
‘Ami Tumi’ under the direction of Indraganti Mohan Krishna. ‘Lie’ in Nithiin-Hanu Raghavapudi combination and another film titled ‘Samanthakamani’.

Updated on April 18, 2020