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Ganta Ravi Gave Extra ordinary Performance in 'Jayadev' - Director Jayanth C Paranji


Jayanth C.Paranji who delivered Superhits like 'Preminchukundam..Raa','Premante Idera','Baavagaaru Baagunnara','Lakshmi Narasimha' is quite popular as Talented and Decent Director. He created his own mark by blending Love, Emotions, Entertainment perfectly with Commercial elements. After a gap Jayanth C.Paranji is Directing 'Jayadev' introducing Ganta Ravi, Son of A.P Education Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao. Popular Producer K.Ashok Kumar is producing this film under Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Art Creations banner. Shooting part of the film has been completed and is currently in its post production stages. Film will complete censor and will hit the screens very soon. Here is the interview with Decent Director Jayanth C.Paranji about his 'Jayadev'

How did this project materialised?
- Cameraman Jawahar Reddy called me and asked for a meeting. I told him to meet me at home. When he rang the bell, I opened the door and saw a tall young man along with Jawahar Reddy. At the first moment I thought that he is good looking and can be made as a Hero. When I asked about him, to my surprise Jawahar Reddy said that he is son of Ganta Srinivasa Rao and he is very much interested to act in films. He lost 16 kilos weight in 2,3 months and trained by Sathyanand Master in acting. He worked very hard, trained himself with utmost passion and did this film.

What is this film about?
- I watched Tamil Superhit film 'Sethupathy' and liked it very much. We take the main essence from the original and made necessary changes to suit our nativity. Paruchuri Brothers prepared terrific script. This is a story of a sincere police officer.

We already have a lot of police stories. So, what is the difference between them and 'Jayadev'?
- Yes, I agree. We have many iconic police stories like 'Ankusham','Karthavyam'. All of them have a common point. They deal with personal attachment. But, this film deals with the story of a selfless police officer who always try to help others, other police officers, families as a part of his duty. We made this Film close to reality with natural treatment.

Tell us about Ganta Ravi's character?
- Ganta Ravi essayed the role of a powerful police officer as 'Jayadev'. We highlighted his plus points in this film.There are many clap, whistle worthy scenes in this film. Ganta Ravi did great in the role of 'Jayadev'. He suited the role perfectly. He did the role of a short tempered guy who looks moody.

About Heroine's character?
- We introduced Malavika Raj who did the child role of Kareena Kapoor in 'Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham'. She gave beautiful performance in the film. Both Ganta Ravi, Malavika Raj will have a long run in industry.

Tell us about other important characters?
- There is a surprise element in the film. After a long gap Veteran Hero Vinod Kumar will be seen as villain in this film. His role is full of terror and he did terrific in that role. Hats off to him for his superb performance.

You worked with many Big Stars, What is the reason to work with a new hero?
- Nowadays everyone is behind combinations rather than scripts. I always give preference to Script. With a good script you can work with anyone. We introduced Prabhas as Hero with 'Eeshwar'. Now Prabhas became a very big star. I am proud of him. I believe Ganta Ravi too will become a big star like Prabhas.

Tell us about music?
- Mani Sharma has given beautiful melody songs. This film has 5 songs. 2 of them were picturised in Slovenia and Europe. Remaining songs were shot in sets here. Out of my 12 films, I worked with Mani Sharma for 9 films. All of them became musical hits. We released 4 songs till now and all of them received very good response.

What is the reason for this long gap after 'Teenmaar'?
- I made 'Allari Pidugu' before 'Teenmaar'. After a gap of five years I made 'Teenmaar'. Both of them didn't worked well. So, I took a break. After five years I directed 'Jayadev'. I feel this is the right film being made in the right time. I made this film with commercial elements which will be enjoyed by all sections of audience. I will prove myself once again as a Director with this film.

About Producer Ashok Kumar's making?
- I worked as a clap assistant for Venkatesh's 'Dhruvanakshatram' Produced by Ashok Kumar. Later I Directed two films 'Premante Idera','Eeshwar' Produced by Ashok. This is the third film in our combination. We will definitely score a hattrick with 'Jayadev'

About film with Mahesh?
- Mahesh wanted to do a lovestory. I am in search of good script. If everything falls in place we will make a film.

About film with Prabhas ?
- I keep in touch with Prabhas regularly. He hasn't changed from his 'Eeshwar' days. We tried two, three scripts but didn't materialised due to date issues. I will definitely make a film with Prabhas.

Ganta Ravi, Malavika will be seen as Hero and Heroine. Other principle cast involves Vinod Kumar, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Posani, Vennela Kishore, Hari Teja, Shravan, Supreet, Komati Jayaram, Rajeswari, Shiva Reddy, Kadambari Kiran, Bittiri Satthi, Karuna, Meena, Jyothi, Ravi Prakash, Aravind

Music : Mani Sharma, Cinematography : Jawahar Reddy, Original Story : Arun Kumar, Written By : Paruchuri Brothers, Editing : Marthand K Venkatesh, Fights : Venkat, Art : Krishna Maya, Stills : Narayana, Co-Director : Prabhakar Nag, Production Controller : P.Ram Mohan Rao, Producer : K.Ashok Kumar, Direction : Jayanth C Paranji

Updated on April 18, 2020