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Indraganti Mohan Krishna - Interview


Director Indraganti Mohan is ready with his next film Ami Tumi. The film releases on June 9. The director talks about his films and future plans.

What is Ami Tumi all about?
Many suggested that I make a sequel to the film Asta Chemma. This film is like an updated version of Asta Chemma.

Why did you not make a sequel to Asta Chemma?
I did not want to bask in the success of that film. Also the sequel to that film was not possible as the girl who played Nani's sister in the film is no more.

Ami Tumi, please can you elaborate?
There are two couples in the film. Everything is fine till someone enters their life. The film happens in one day.

You have cast Eesha again...
She is a Telugu girl and can speak both Andhra and Telangana slangs. This is needed in this film. So we went ahead with her.

How was it possible to complete the shooting in 30 days?
We had the script ready and went as planned. Before starting the shoot we conducted a workshop for a week. This helped us greatly.

Post Gentleman, this is a small film...
We put the similar hardwork for big and small films. The script for Ami Tumi was ready five years ago. Then I started working for Gentleman and later I wanted to do a film with Naga Chaitanya. But he was busy. So I planned to make this film.

Tell us about this film with Naga Chaitanya?
It is a nice love story and will suit his romantic image.

Your future projects?
I am planning to make a gangster film with a strong social message.

Updated on April 18, 2020