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'90ml' director Sekhar Reddy Yerra Interview


Sekhar Reddy Yerra, the director of Karthikeya's '90ml', which releases on 5th December, talks about the film and more in this interview.

Karthikeya's 90ml director Sekhar Reddy Yerra interviewDoesn't encourage alcohol consumption
The title, '90ml', may suggest that it is a movie for drunkards. But it is just a film revolving around a guy addicted to alcohol. It is a completely fictional subject. We are not encouraging people to consume alcohol through this movie. The film has come out really well. Post production work is nearing completion. We are sure the audiences will lap the film up.

Based on that point
We've seen many youtube videos where children get attracted to alcohol bottles. What if a mother has to give an alcohol bottle to her child instead of a milk bottle ? What will become of him ? Where does it lead? I've written the story based on these thoughts. Never has been a film made based on this point. It's a fictional story which will not hurt anyone.

I was from Nalgonda. We came to Hyderabad when I was a child and we've settled here. I worked as director Chandra Mahesh's assistant for few years. I also worked as a co-writer for some movies. I have been acquainted with 'RX100' director Ajay Bhupathi for many years. I met Karthikeya through him and narrated the story. He liked it and the film began.

We have made sure that audiences understand the central point of this film through the posters and trailers. So we have elevated the hero's character. We haven't revealed much about Ravi Kishan's character. His character has psycho shades but will be entertaining as well. I'm sure everyone likes that character.

Certified drinkers
It's not always possible to make films, which cater to all sections of the audiences. Some films strike a chord with the youth and some movies will be liked by family audiences. The reach of a movie will based on the talk after the first day's first show. This movie doesn't encourage anyone to take alcohol. It's only about a character who can't live without it. This point was even discussed in 'Prem Nagar' movie. Though alcohol is banned in some countries, the governments give special permissions are given to some certified drinkers, who can't live without alcohol.

Karthikeya has gotten into the character and acted very well. He didn't suggest any major changes after listening to the story. He immediately agreed to do the film after listening to the script. New directors can prove themselves only when some one gives them an opportunity. I thank Karthikeya and the producer for trusting me.

Not related
We registered the title of this movie even before the Tamil movie was announced. Our film is not at all related to that movie. That's a story of five women. Our movie is hero centric and has a completely different story.

Updated on April 18, 2020