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Interview of Krithi Shetty on 'Uppena'


Debutante Krithi Shetty awaits the release of 'Uppena' on February 12. In this interview, the youngster talks about how films happened to her, her background, working with the team of 'Uppena', what to expect from her character in the movie and more.

I am a Kannada girl who grew up in Mumbai. Although I was interested in acting, I never saw it as a career for myself. I wanted to become a doctor. When 'Uppena' came to me, I came on board because the story is lovely. I was still studying when the offer came to me. At first, I had my doubts. I was studying Psychology. Before this movie, I did act in ads.

I have learned a lot from him. I believe in method acting. Without feeling it, I can't act. I imagined myself as the character in 'Uppena' and owned the bubbliness of the character. She is a single daughter like I am in real life. If I am speaking in Telugu fluently, it is because of the director. He would always interact with me in Telugu.

After I did an emotional scene, my cinematographer broke into tears. Others also cried. That's the best experience I had. Sometimes, I would continue to be in the mood even after shooting for the scene. I am not a trained actor. Mouthing long lines was not easy.

Acting with Vijay Sethupathi sir was great. He has given a top-class performance. The first time I met with Sukumar garu, he gave me a lot of confidence. I have watched regional films in the past without consciously knowing whether a film is Telugu or Tamil or some other language. Because I have watched them in Hindi (dubbed version).

Doing ads was easy because the shoot would be over in a day. That didn't affect my education.

Vaisshnav Tej is down-to-earth and is a brilliant actor. He uplifts other actors with his performance.

When I listened to the narration, I got emotional and cried. It's a pure love story. The story is set in 2002. The dialogues are powerful and the audience will connect with the lines for sure. Everyone on set was so nice and I enjoyed myself.

DSP garu's music has taken the film to another level. A number of actors wait to for with him. I am lucky that I got to work with him so early on in my career.

I am inspired by Sridevi garu and Samantha Akkineni. I am happy to be getting all this support even before the release of my first movie. I am confident because of all this outpouring of love.

Sukumar garu, Koratala Siva garu, the producers (Ravi Shankar and Naveen Yerneni) have give me good compliments. And none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi garu spoke about me on the stage the other day.  

Updated on February 8, 2021