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Interview of composer Kalyani Malik on 'Check'


Kalyani Malik awaits the release of 'Check' on February 26. In this interview, the music director talks about his journey, working with Chandrasekhar Yeleti on 'Check', what he thinks about insecurity in the industry and more.

I have no reason behind changing my name. Just see it as my 'thikka'. I don't believe in numerology, but I have faith in astrology.

I began my journey with 'Aithe' 17 years back. I have had my share of hits and disasters. Over the years, I have analyzed my strengths and weaknesses. My attitude towards work hasn't changed since my debut movie.

I haven't had a blockbuster. But I am confident that 'Check' is going to be a super-duper blockbuster in my career. I may sound over-confident but I am quite assured. Even after a chartbuster album like 'Ala Modalaindi', I had to wait for a year for a good opportunity. I don't know why. But 'Check' is going to change all this.

Like in 'Aithe', 'Check' has got only one song. I worked for 25 days to give the best output. Almost 75 tunes were tried. Irrespective of the number of songs, the backdrop of the movie is unique. The fights are going to be thrilling. Chandrasekhar Yeleti has dealt with a semi-commercial subject for the first time.

It's not like you have it easy when you have only one song. It's because the entire focus is only on that song and the composer can't afford to be mediocre. My background score for 'Check' is going to fetch me so much name. It will be a highlight of the movie.

Background score elevates scenes in a big way. I thank my director and actors for helping me produce the output. BGM can save or mar a film. At the end of the day, content drives everything.

Eighty percent of 'Check' is set in a jail. Yet, the audiences don't pine for outdoor scenes. Nithiin's performance is going to stun you. You will see a new Nithiin.

In my 17 years of career, I have done only 16 movies. I don't have the luxury to say no to offers.

Working on the 'Baahubali' franchise was a great learning experience. I worked on Atmos. Rajamouli was tensed during the mixing of 'Theevara', as he was not sure about the quality of output. I remember how I was more tensed than Keeravani annayya and Rajamouli, as I couldn't afford to mess it up. After listening to the song, Rajamouli hugged me tightly and complimented me. It's the most memorable incident for me. Sound is essential for any song. Without the right sound, the visual impact gets affected.

I recently sang a song for Thaman in 'Super Machi'. The output is superb and I am very happy. I have sung for my own compositions in the past, but my voice sounded different when I teamed up with Thaman. Mahati Swara Sagar (Mani Sharma's son) is a close friend.

There was a time when only 4-5 musicians existed. But now, there are scores of them. That's why technicians are insecure and don't praise others' work publicly. I am a competitor to none. I don't do movies regularly. I am self-contained.

I haven't got an adequate number of opporutnities in my career. But when my work is recognized, I feel proud. Right from the days of 'Amrutham', I have been independent. I love my songs and I have never done embarrassing music.

Composer Kaala Bhairava (Keeravani's son) is the latest technician to come from our family. I am eagerly waiting to see what he is going to do in the future.

I love KM Radha Krishna garu's music. I feel he should have done many more films. I like Chaitan Bharadwaj of 'RX 100' fame. I like Thaman's work, too.

Updated on February 16, 2021