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Interview of Sumanth on 'Kapatadhaari'


Sumanth awaits the release of 'Kapatadhaari' on February 19. In this interview, the actor talks about his character, why the film is special, what made him take it up, an Allu Arjun movie that was first offered to him, his upcoming movies and more.

After 'Malli Raava' became a hit, I expected romantic dramas to come my way. However, I have ended up doing thrillers. I am happy nevertheless. I will be doing a rom-com soon.

'Kapatadhaari' has got a unique mood. This is a simple yet different film. The mood of the proceedings had me get on board. We have never seen a hero playing a traffic cop in movies. Our film is about the life of a traffic SI who wants to prove something. He reopens a case that was closed years ago. But his intuition says that there is something mysterious about it.

The screenplay is not straightforward. The very mood is peculiar. Although there are comedians like Vennela Kishore, the film is largely focused. There is no excessive comedy.

Although 'Kapatadhaari' is not a dark film, the treatment is slightly dark. The Kannada original had somewhat slow pacing. We have done away with lags and the pacing is fast. More than a thriller, this is a crime drama. There are twists, there is suspense.

There is a reference to Article 352 of the Constitution. That's because some scenes take place during Indira Gandhi's period in the movie.

Kapatadhaari is a man with many faces. Lord Krishna is called by that name in the Mahabharata. The title is very apt. We have also incorporated the theme into the dialogue.

There was a time when we would look down upon Kannada films. But there has been a new wave of cinema there. Films like 'Lucia' have launched a renaissance. 'Kavaludhaari', of which 'Kapatadhaari' is a remake, belongs to that zone.

This is not a cop drama of the 'Krack', 'Singham' variety. I enjoy watching such films, but the hero in 'Kapatadhaari' is an underdog. There are no build-up shots and all. 'Kapatadhaari' was supposed to release in March last. Because of the pandemic, everything got delayed.

Nandita Swetha plays a supporting role. There are no usual duets and all in this film. She liked this story so much. Her being a Kannadiga helped. Although her role is short, it's crucial.

BGM makes or breaks a thriller. Simon K King's work will be talked about. I see a lot of positive comments for his work in the teaser/trailer. He is a young talent who will go a long way.

I don't listen to incomplete narrations. If I don't get along with a story, I tell the narrator within 30 minutes to try it with someone else. If I don't suit a script, I don't do it. Puri Jagannadh garu had narrated 'Desamuduru' to me. I said no to it. Had I done that movie, it would have flopped. It became a hit only because Bunny did it.

'Subrahmanyapuram' was a profitable venture for the producer. It was an above-average film. I didn't know that it had similarities with 'Kartikeya'.

The range of movies that Telugu cinema is making has only increased in the last few years. Then there is OTT. I am going to do a progressive romantic drama (which will be helmed by a new director) and then there is 'Anaganaga Oka Rowdy'.

I started out 20 years back. On the other hand, a few others in the Akkineni family started out much later. I am not inclined to produce films. Producers are coming to me with offers.

Recently, I have watched 'Krack' and 'Zombie Reddy'. I keep watching movies unless I am too busy.  

Updated on February 18, 2021