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Interview of Nandita Swetha about 'Akshara'


Nandita Swetha awaits the release of 'Akshara' on February 26. In this interview, the actress talks about the nature of the film, her upcoming movies and more.

In 'Akshara', I have played a lecturer. There is also a twist. Not the entire movie is about education. There is a lot of comedy as well. It's not a full-on serious film. Everyone knows that the commercialization of education is crass. Telling such a point in a serious manner wouldn't go with the audience. So, we have added a lot of humour.

Since 'Akshara' has got a very heavy character for me, I was skeptical. I wondered if the audience will accept me in such a role. But the director was quite confident that I would fit in.

I thought 'Akshara' would be a horror movie, given that most of the female-centric ones are horror films.

Sritej, Shakalka Shankar, Sathya, Ajay Ghosh and Madhunandan have got many comedy scenes. There is also a lot of suspense in the story.

During the lockdown, I took complete rest for the first three months. I later learned photography, editing and such stuff for the next three months.

'Akshara' is about the plight of students. I have realized the problems that students are facing only after growing up. During high school, my father lost his job due to the economic recession. I did face a lot of issues with respect to the payment of fees. My father faced difficulties in paying the high convent fee. I voluntarily shifted to corporation school because I didn't want him to go through all that.

Many have made it big in life despite having no education. But education is essential for skilling ourselves.

I have never done glamorous roles. But my career has not been affected. I have been a busy actress. I am doing movies back to back. That's a mark of success.

After lockdown, I am the only heroine who has had four releases. There are going to be two more releases in the next two months. I am a Kannada film and did 'Kaptadhaari' having watched the Kannada original. I did it even though it had only a small role for me. Choosing a good script is important. It's a thriller and female characters have only a minor role in such crime thrillers. I am playing an IPS officer in one of my upcoming movies.  

Updated on February 25, 2021