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JD Chakravarthy Interview about Homam


JD Chakravarthy who made a directorial debut with his film ‘Homam’, is again trying his luck through another film but with the same hero. He was at his usual best with his brilliant answers and thought-provoking messages when he was approached for an interview in connection with his recent film ‘Siddam’ scheduled to be released on 12 February. This active actor cum director answered a few penetrating questions and the abstract of which are given below:

It was stated that his first film ‘Homam’ as director was having certain relevance with an English flick ‘The Departed’ and the recent one ‘Siddam’ having some resemblance with an Hindi flick ‘Ab Tak Chappan’. Chakri when questioned about this was tactical in saying that the references are something which is always good if they are meant to be good. Infact he conveyed his happiness of his film being referred with that of movies like ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ and desired that the results are as positive.

When confronted on intellectual rights on such situations his brilliance was at display saying the references do not pertain to just one but as many and the question of such rights did not arise.

Regarding his association with the producer Kiran Kumar Koneru he said, “His planning abilities are such that the first two weeks of shooting took place without even his presence and that can give an idea about how he had handed over the responsibility to the entire team.” On RGV he said, “The script was initially with RGV and don’t ask how it came to me but it was with the blessings from him”.

When quizzed about his experiences with the heroines of the films he directed, he was candid in saying, “I like Sindhu Menon but not her mobile phone. She is so explicit in her feelings based on the message she gets through the endless calls on her mobile. This emotional attitude severely affects the scenes.  For example, if she gets happy news on phone she ends up displaying happy attitude even while performing serious scenes.”

His sentimental attachment with Jagapathi Babu was explicit in his answer, “It was Jagapathi Babu who came forward to do my first film when all others dragged their feet. And now it’s my turn to ensure that my second project is a success and hence I stuck to Jagapathi Babu rather than testing on others.”

Finally he gave some very useful information about the film ‘Siddam’. In this film the concept is it is easy to die but difficult to kill. The police character is emotional in a certain sense that there is a kind of internal war in him before and after eliminating a criminal. This film in its ending stage particularly in climax has more of sentimental verbal battle than a physical violence we see in other films. This apart, though the comedy is not given a serious importance, this movie is sure an entertainer.

Updated on April 25, 2020