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Jagapathibabu 45th birthday celebrations


Call him a family hero or an action hero, he is one such hero who suits for any kind and all kinds of roles. Yes, Jagapathi Babu, an all-rounder in films who is celebrating his 45 birthday tomorrow, is all set to challenge the audience in theaters with Siddam, releasing tomorrow, the 12th February. Some excerpts:

Any birthday resolutions?
No. I normally don’t take resolutions as such, but I believe in following what I feel is right. I’m happy that this year, 2009, started off with a Nandi Award.

You must be happy that your film Siddam is releasing on your birthday?
Yeah! Actually we didn’t plan that way, but it just happened to be a coincidence. This is the first time in my career, my film is getting released on my birthday and if the audience receives the film well, then it would be my best birthday present.

Bangaru Babu is also releasing within a week’s gap. Don’t you think you are giving a double treat to your segment of audience?
I actually feel little tensed because both the films belong to different genre. While Siddam is called a realistic film, Bangaru Babu is a charming family drama. I’ve done my level best and rest, the audience has to decide.

Can you tell us about Siddam?
It’s a police story with the theme called “ready to kill, ready to die”. As I already told you, it is a realistic film that absolutely has neither songs nor comedy.  I don’t want to reveal much about it, but let me tell you one thing that the audience will feel fresh when they watch this film in theaters because the screenplay is very new and there will be a great climax of conversation which is never seen before in Telugu films.

Have you done any homework on the role you played in Siddam?
My role Daya, in this film is inspired by notable police–officers Dayanayak’s character as well as PSR Anjaneyulu in real life. Daya character is moulded in two shades. He has no personal enemies but at the same time he fights for the betterment of the society when on duty. I use to observe PSR Anjaneyulu when I met him twice during the making of Siddam. His body-language and the way he conversed when on duty and at home is entirely different. Thus, he helped me in moulding my character accordingly.

Ok, any specific reasons to work with JD Chakri again, after Homam?
Nothing of that sort. It’s more to do with comfort. I liked his working style in Homam. After Homam, we planned for its sequal but it did not materialize, so we decided to do this project since it was a convincing subject. And even in future if Chakri approaches me to do a film with him I would instantly say ‘Yes’.

On one side you are busy doing lead roles in film after film. Then what made to accept a small role in Dil Raju’s Aakasamatha?
An actor is he who experiments with all kinds of roles. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t like to stick to one image. Whether it is good or bad we cannot predict things.  We simply have to do our best and leave the rest to the audience. When Dil Raju approached me for the role in Aakasamantha, I was a little reluctant to do it initially. But then I again decided to do only because I felt that my character will lift the film. It’s a small role but an important one.

Don’t you think it’s risky to do so?
Yes! Sometimes a risk might lead us to a failure. But as an actor I need to convince the audience in every role I do, irrespective of big or small.

You have done various roles in your career so far. Which role has given you the complete satisfaction?
Undoubtedly it is Anthapuram. It has become a milestone in my film career. It is after this film that I started to do more of multi-starrer films. It’s one of the best films in my career and I owe to Krishna Vamsi for choosing me for that role.

As far as the present Tollywood is concerned, you are the only senior hero who has done maximum multi-starrer films. Your comments.
I’ve been in the film industry for about 20 years and my first half of the film career mostly went off in doing humble husband roles. It became so routine that I wanted to try something different and all kinds of roles, even though I knew that there is a risk factor. But I never regretted for doing a multi-starrer films anytime.

Can you give some idea about ‘Adhineta’?
Adhineta is a film on political backdrop. I’m playing a politician for the first time in my film career.  Dasari Narayana Rao has provided a wonderful script. One more challenging role indeed!

Any dream role?
Any new role that I portray is a dream role. Therefore, I would love to portray more and more of innovative characters.

Updated on April 25, 2020