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ZEE Telugu Mon-Thu Telecast - Vaishali


VAISHALI (A mega Serial) Mon-Thu, 8.00 to 8.30 p.m. May 1st 2006 Vaishali is the eldest daughter of a widowed mother. She sacrifices her higher education for the cause of her two sisters, to take up a job in a private company. Madhavan is the male lead of the story. As he wants to start an entirely new business by himself, he joins as an ordinary apprentice in a family friend’s company to gain the necessary experience. This brings him to the same company where Vaishali is employed. Madhavan who appears uninterested in marriage till he meets her, changes his mind and Vaishali who till then dislikes the concept of marriage, slowly starts liking him due to his very persistent approach towards her. But when he actually takes the proposal to her, she rejects saying that she loves him but cannot marry because of her mysterious past. But being madly in love with her, he says that he is least bothered of her past. Ultimately, she gives into his idea and accepts his wish to marry her. But her past pesters her mind. When Madhavan puts his decision before his family, his brother’s wife Durga opposes, who wants her sister Vani to be his wife. But somehow he convinces his parents and gets a nod for his marriage. Vani, who had already imagined him to be her husband, cannot digest the fact and plans to destroy the marriage. At this stage, Vaishali who does not want to suppress the facts of her past decides to tell him the truth by writing a letter, as she could not openly tell him face to face. She places a letter in Madhavan’s suitcase so that he will read it and her trauma would come to an end. Will Madhavan read the letter? Does Vaishali marry him? If she does, how would her life change after that? Watch the interesting turn of events in the life of a woman and the way she manages the situation. PRODUCTION HOUSE : INDIRA PRODUCTIONS PVT LTD STORY & CONCEPT : MANJULA & P RAJA PANDI DIRECTOR : P RAJA PANDI CAMERAMAN : SARATH CHANDRA LYRICIST : M V SUBRAMANIAN MUSIC DIRECTOR : JOHNSON STARCAST : Chakravarthy, Harika, Suchitra, Devisri & others “TV has been a fascinating media for me always. Certain creative concepts can be picturised only through TV medium. “Vaishali” was a long pending dream for the past six years that took a form of TV serial to enthrall female audience.” Says “Show” fame Manjula. Vaishali is a simple middle class girl, with some kind of mysteriousness in her. We could trace “Harika” who is apt for that character. Raj pandi was quite excited to work with Manjula, as he admired her aesthetic and production values while making ‘show’.
Updated on June 25, 2006