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Praneeth Media brings Gayam 2 to USA


Praneeth Media proud to announce that it acquired USA theatrical rights of  “Gayam 2”.

Jagapati Babu’s sequel to his 1993 blockbuster "Gayam" is taking an another avathar in the  same  name  "Gaayam-2".    The  film  is  presented  by  Ram  Gopal  Varma  himself  and directed by one of his associate Praveen Sri and produced by Dr. Dharma Kartha C.

Jagapathi Babu was established well after the massive hit of "Gaayam".  Vimala Raman plays the female lead.  Jagapathi Babu will play the character named Durga as in the first part which cannot be forgotten so easily.

In the year 2010, the same Durga who intimidated us on the screen in that Ram Gopal Verma’s  edge-of-the-seat  film  on  gang  wars  and  brutal  killings,  is  coming  back.    It  will be  a  unique  kind  of  sequel  because  in  the  past  no  other  film  has  seen  a  sequel  made after 15 years.

Ram a restaurant owner in Bangkok leads his life happily. His wife Vidya and son Chaitanya are his only world.  One day unintentional issue disturbs Ram’s life. Psychopath killers molest a female worker at Ram’s restaurant.

To protect her he shoots them.  This  rescue  turns  Ram  a  local  hero  in  front  of media  and  people  nearby.  Guru  Narayan  shocks  to  see  a  person  named  Ram  with same  identification  of  Durga.  From then strange things happen to Ram.  Shankar Narayan son of Guru Narayan kidnap Chaitanya to know the truth about Ram.

The  rest  of  the  story  goes  what  really  happened  in  Ram’s  life.    Is he Ram or Durga? What made Ram turn Durga? What happened in the past with Guru Naryan? Is Durga alive or to be known.
Those who did not watch GAYAM in 1993 please visit  website for more information about 1993 GAYAM.   

Those who are waiting for Gayam 2, It will be releasing in USA on September 3rd.  

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Updated on August 28, 2010