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Gaganam Piracy Warning


We are trying to control KING Nagarjuna's Gaganam movie online piracy with the help of We have taken care to control the piracy of Gaganam movie. If anybody come across with pirated version links please report to [email protected].

You can also submit online form @ We will try our level best to take out/block the pirated links if anything comes up!

Warning to Pirates

Please don’t post any pirated links of the Telugu movie wanted. We will take very serious action if we come across such postings in your website/blog/forums/File sharing sites etc without any warning. You are not even supposed to host/share/upload the links/torrents/files etc.

This press release will be treated as warning to pirated links posting websites.

Our serious actions may include:

Blocking of your website with the help of your hosting providers.
Blocking of Domain Name with the help of your domain registrars
Blocking of your domain name permanently in India/US/UK with the help of respective Governments.
Blocking of your domain name’s DNS Registry.

Please don’t encourage piracy and watch movie in big screens for wonderful experience!

Updated on February 13, 2011