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Dhada Premiere and Affordable Ticket Prices


Dhada prints are landing in New Jersey at around 2:00 PM on Wed

Premieres are on at

Movie City, Edison
Worldgate Phoenix Theaters
, Virginia

Possible premieres at. Please check with local Exhibitors

Serra Theaters, Milpitas
IMC Towne 3, San Jose
Big Cinemas, Fremont

Ticket prices at some centers for shows before 6 PM are $10 only.

We want all the audience to enjoy the movies on big screen so we put some affordable shows. So all shows before 6 PM in some centers are $10 only. Please use this offer and do not watch movies on pirated DVDs or internet. Piracy is nothing but stealing. Please do not encourage piracy. Great India Films always brings movies at affordable prices. We also did the same $10 promotion for several of our earlier movies. We want to you to enjoy the movies on big screen at reasonable price.

Thank you for your continued support.

Soma and Sudhakar



Updated on August 10, 2011