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Star Maa unleashes a brand-new identity


Hyderabad, 6th September 2020 – We are a collection of audacious, inspiring and entertaining stories that showcase the triumph of human spirit. Our inspiration comes from our viewers who straddle various roles, battle various issues and win every single day.

Star Maa that is curated by the love and acceptance of its viewers over last four years is refreshing its identity, and that is reflected in the new visual motif that it has unleashed today. We believe Star Maa holds together three important aspects - pride in our Samskruthi (culture), our Sampradayam (tradition) and weaving stories towards Purogati (progress). At Star Maa, our attempt is to celebrate the blend of these three aspects in every story we tell. The signature of our new identity comes from this. We believe that there is a little bit of Star Maa in every one of us

The Star Maa cluster of channels operate in 3 genres of General entertainment, Movies and Music. It has distinct leadership in all three genres it operates Commanding a combined market share of 25% these channels own the largest share of Telugu television viewership. In the GEC category, Star Maa enjoys a 30%+ market share and is a dominant leader with the widest variety of programming. Star Maa movies is the biggest movies channel and Star Maa Music most vibrant and distinct youth destination.


Updated on September 6, 2020