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Nallamalapu Bujji praises Sri Ramarajyam

After watching the film ‘Sri Ramarajyam’ producer Nallamalapu Srinivas aka Bujji shared his thoughts about the film in this manner. He said, “In general, we describe every film as a painting. But after watching ‘Sri Ramarajyam’, I understood what the real painting look like. It’s not an easy task to make ‘Ramayanam’ as a 2 ½ hour film, that too in such a manner that today’s generation can follow. That’s why I say hats off to the film ‘Sri Ramarajyam’.”

Further speaking he said, “I was thrilled when I saw this film. The Telugu people will recollect NTR’s face when they think of Lord Rama. However Balakrishna has successfully replaced his father in that role. He was exceptional in that role. I congratulated him as soon as I saw the film. ANR as Valmiki, Nayantara as Sita, Srikanth as Lakshmana and every other artist gave their best performances in this film. Baapu garu crafted this film like a painting. I felt like touching his feet as a mark of respect. And I have no words to say about producer Sai Babu. He did this film will complete devotion and not for the earning money. Hats off to him for his guts.”