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'Lava Kusa' completes 50 years


Veteran actors NTR and Anjali Devi starring in a mythological film 'Lava Kusa' has completed 50 years of golden jubilee on March 29th, 2013, which is considered as land mark in history of Telugu cinema. This evergreen film was directed by the legends Chitthajallu Pullaih and C.S.Rao based on the epic 'Uttara Ramayana Charithra'. This classic has attracted millions of Lord Rama’s devotees over generations.

Story line:

• The story of ‘Lava Kusa’ is based on the 'Uttara Khanda', which is the later part of Ramayana written by Valmiki Maharshi.

• It mainly highlights the Rama's pattabishekam, Sita's exile to forest, birth of Lava Kusa and their conflict with Rama at Ashwemedha Yagna.

• Characters of Rama and Seeta have created their own mark in influencing the people to follow the principles of Ramayanam.

Interesting Facts about the classic:

• Despite the population being 3 crores in Andhra Pradesh five decades ago, the 1963 classic broke records in collecting Rs 1 crore.

• Tickets were sold at more than 4 times of population of 50-60 lakhs, i.e; Rs 1.98 crore. This is an all-time record which no movie could break till now.

• According to our present tactics, this movie had done 1000 crore business.

• It was released in 26 centres and had run for 100-days in all 26 centres.

• It had a 175-day run in 16 centres, grossing more than Rs.10 million.

• The credit goes to Ghantasala who scored 37 ever-green classical tunes and poems.

• Legendary singers Ghantasala, P. Susheela and Leela have rendered their voices for this devotional epic.

• The film hit theaters on March 28th, 1963, after overcoming several financial hurdles for 5 years.

• Movies like 'Pathala Bhairavi', 'Maya Bazaar' and 'Jagadeeka Veeruni Katha' are on par with ‘Lava Kusa’ when it comes to demand for DVD's or playing songs in temples during the festive season.

• NTR and Anjali Devi got the privilege of being treated as Lord Rama and Goddess Seeta by the people of Andhra Pradesh for their fantabulous acting performance in ‘Lava Kusa’.

Lava Kusa Video Song: Ramakathanu Vinarayyaa Ihapara Sukhamulanosage (Singers: P. Susheela, P. Leela; Cast: Master Nagaraju and Subramanyam)


• Goddess Seeta Devi's role which bared lot of accusations with patience and maintained huge respect towards her husband even in exile is the highlight of the film. She is a role model to our present generation who are forgetting to respect our traditional culture.

• Lord Rama is an example of a good husband, son, brother and father. One can take Rama as an inspiration to lead a gentle life. This character was wonderfully played by Rama Rao garu by involving himself deeply into the character.

• Awesome lyrics were penned by Samudrala, Raghavacharya, Kosaraju Raghavaiah and Vempati Sadasivabrahmam .

• Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao entertained music lovers with his spellbound compositions like “Vinuduvinudu Ramayana gaadha…”, “Sandehinchakumamma Seethamma…”, “Ye nimushaniki emijaruguno…” Even today we hear the audio of ‘Lava Kusa’ echoing during our festival celebrations.


• National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu

• Rashtrapati Award-best acting N. T. Rama Rao and Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao.

• NTR was awarded with a special gift from Rastrapathi for being part of 3 award winning films in the same year.

Exuberates Second release

• This is a rare fact for today's generation, where we boast of 100 days and 365 days celebrations. ‘Lava Kusa’ was the film which adorns a 100 day run in the second release too.

On the eve of this Golden Jubilee day, this is a token of respect we can offer to this epic.