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Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta - Super Sundays Launch on Zee Telugu. Interview with Pradeep

Anchor Pradeep Machiraju gets candid in an interview on the occasion of the launch of Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta – Super Sundays on Zee Telugu.

Hyderabad, India – Saturday, May 7, 2016

After having witnessed two successful seasons of Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta, a celebrity talk show on Zee Telugu, the third season is en route this Sunday, 8th May 2016 at 9:30 PM.

With a classy backdrop to the set, big celebrities and even more interesting trivia rounds and fun games, the show is now called Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta – Super Sundays, with Super Celebrities. Hosted by popular anchor Pradeep Machiraju, the third season of this show is expected enrapture audience in a fascinating experience, at the same time, to astonish the celebrities by taking them down the memory lane right from their childhood to their college days. Further, their foray into the entertainment industry. This would be followed by a number of trivia, rapid fire Q&A round and fun games.

On the occasion of the launch of KTUC – Super Sundays, Pradeep, who has hit a half century by hosting over 52 episodes of this show tells more about the show. The new season will mark the 53rd episode of Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta.

1) Hi Pradeep! How are you?

Well, I’m doing excellently great. Everything work wise is going good. KTUC has been good in the season. Big Celebrity Challenge is another show that has reached international level. So, what else do we need? It’s good to know that people like the concept, they encourage so that they are kept entertained.

2) Any new projects that are lined up?

We are working on it. Definitely, when we come up with a show concept and present it to audience like Big Celebrity Challenge or Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta, we showcase the off screen side of celebrities. To take this to the next level, we have to offer something differential and definitely something special. People watch TV at the end of the day to unwind. The purpose here is to bring a smile on their face.

3) Will KTUC Super Sunday promise a different level of entertainment as compared to the last two seasons?

Yes. It is like Biryani (laughs). You make Biryani once. The next time you try to improve the taste of Biryani by adding ingredients that you family likes. Last two seasons of KTUC was more about celebrities and their career. We would discuss on how it was at the start of their career. To make this more special, in KTUC Super Sundays, we would have guests coming into the show who will discuss their life after many years of career in Tollywood, how their life changed, their lifestyle habits, what they do during the shoot, on shoot sets etc.

4) Any Nicknames that you have?

Deepu is my nickname. All of my close friends call me that. My dad calls me Deepu. But, at home they call me Kanna.

5) Tell us something about your childhood day? Any moments to cherish?

I was a notorious kid at school. At the same time, good at studies too. So, the complaints that came home weren’t taken too seriously as I would balance it with good marks. School days were the most cherished part of my life. We used to play a lot of pranks. I am close to my cousins and friends. We still catch up almost every week whenever I’m not shooting. They make me feel loved at the same time, grounded.

In college, I was active in debates, speeches and sports. I overcame stage fear during these days. Every day it used to be like a stand-up act in class, imitating teachers and friends.


6) Not a lot of people know but, you had a lot of interest in playing cricket all through-out school and college days. Tell us about that.

Cricket has always been my interest in school and college. In college especially, I would practice cricket by missing classes until my parents got to know. In fact, I still play cricket almost once a week. A day before match, I used to have a sleepless night because of the excitement. I am also the captain for ‘Cricket Association of Telugu Television’ for the artists’ team.

7) Your journey from a technical education background into entertainment industry.

It has been the biggest call of my life. I was planning to do an MBA abroad. However, I bought some time from my parents to decide on my career options. I worked with an event management company for which I had to meet a radio channel during one of the event. That was when they asked me to give an audition for the role of RJ for which I qualified. After that, I was well known for the voice I have. Further, I decided it’s time to come on screen to show people the person behind the voice. The base voice that got me a lot of punishments in school from teachers has now given me job and recognition.

8) Your journey starts with Zee Telugu with Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu.

This game show between mother in law and daughter in law was the first show that I was offered from Zee Telugu. Before that, I was previously working with a local channel in Hyderabad.

Initially, I was a little skeptical about a ladies game show hosted by a male anchor. However, there was an inner voice that pushed me to take up the opportunity. On the first day of the shoot, I fell in love with the show. This show also fetched me the ‘Nandi Award’. I met thousands of people and got very close to audience of Andhra Pradesh. I should thank Zee Telugu as this is a daring attempt and was very successful in it. I would see people getting me lunch boxes on the shoot location and people waiting for me at the reception to meet before I head to shoot of Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu which is a very nice gesture. This show also caught the attention of celebrities.

9) Like you ask your KTUC guests on their plans, are you looking to bring home someone special a.k.a ‘Kodalu’ for your mother sometime soon?

End of the day, it’s a life journey. Two people need to understand each other in a marriage to support and grow together. For Shahrukh Khan to become a star, Gauri Khan played a major role in his life. That’s the kind of understanding I’m talking about.

10) Thought process behind KTUC and your first time donning a producer’s hat?

Production was always on my mind. So, when we discussed on the concept of KTUC, I knew this is something I’m sure of doing I always loved to interview people. I knew it would be difficult to get celebrities on the set on a particular date and time. Determinedly, I approached all celebrities I knew. Surprisingly, everyone agreed to be on the show. It was one of the happiest moment of my life.

11) Tell us about the first season of Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta

It was a big step for me. I wanted to show people the other side of a coin. One side of the coin shows the on screen celebrity, their movies and everything related to it. The other side of the coin that I wanted to show is their personal life, their likes dislike, crushes, childhood memories and things that revolve around their life. Kajal Agagarwal readily agreed to be on the first episode of KTUC and flew down to Hyderabad in a one day notice. Samantha and Tamannah agreed to be on the show even in their busy schedule.

12) Tell us about KTUC 2

With the kind of feedback received by KTUC season 1, there was bigger pressure and bigger responsibility. The second season of KTUC was launched by Akhil. Also, my longtime dream of doing a show with Anushka came true. Some of the special episodes have been Shruti Haasan and Ram’s episodes.

13) About KTUC – Super Sundays

Concept behind Super Sundays is that there are lot of celebrities who are yet to walk into KTUC show. Also, how the celebrities have grown in Tollywood after many years in movie industry. Super Sundays is a special season of KTUC to know more about the other side of the coin. For e.g : Rakul Preet is coming in the first season of the episodes. We would discuss about what she does during her free time, pranks on shoot sets, how she learnt fluent Telugu. There would be fun games and rapid fire round of Q&A to make the show interesting.

14) One message to all the viewers of Konchem Touch Lo Unte Chepta

I get a lot of suggestions to get a particular celebrity on the show. I have that on my mind and working towards it. Audience love to see these celebrities and I love to see audience smile. So, I will definitely work towards it.

Don’t miss to watch Konchem Touch lo Unte Chepta Super Sundays starting 8th May 2016 at 9:30 PM on Zee Telugu.