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Manchu Manoj's open letter on Pranay Killing


Hero Manchu Manoj has expressed his deep anguish on the brutal murder of Pranay who was killed in the name of honour.

“This is to all out there who think Caste and Religion is Bigger than Humanity.” Caste feeling in any form, be it for caste based movie actors (Fanism), political parties, college unions, caste and religious organizations is brutal and messed up! Each single person who encourages caste is responsible for the horrible act that occurred with Pranay and many others like him. It’s high time that you are taught the value of life before learning anything else. An unborn child lost his/her father before even holding his hand or feeling his touch. What worse could you do to anyone to break their lives apart? All in the name of caste??? Was it even worth it?? We all have a heart, body, breathe the same air, live in the same world…why discriminate and take lives merely differentiating with the name of caste?? When would the world realize that we all are one?? Shame on all those caste lovers and supporters… Remember that you all are the ones responsible and to be blamed for this and not just the one accused of! Shut down casteism! It is a disease that needs to be prevented Open your god damn minds and behave like humans! I’m begging you all from my heart. Let’s give a better world for our children.

My heart goes out to Pranay’s wife, Amrutha and entire family! Deepest condolences.. #RIPPranay We are soo sorry…

Thank you
Manchu Manoj