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Actor Koti Yadav makes a mark as a social worker


Koti is a familiar actor who is also a social worker. A close friend of KA Paul, he has always maintained cordial relations with a number of prominent people from various walks of life, including politics. It's said that he knows the likes of Pawan Kalyan, Ram Gopal Varma and JD Chakravarthy quite well. During the coronavirus crisis, Koti has been taking up a number of social welfare activities.

It was Koti who resolved the differences between Pawan Kalyan and Kathi Mahesh. He was also involved in the Poonam Kaur issue. Koti knows personally prominent Telugu film industry families such as the Nandamuris and the Mega family.

Of late, Koti Yadav has become all the more well-known thanks to the Zee Telugu's 'Radhamma Koothuru', which is aired on weekdays at 7 pm. As a police officer with unique characterization, Koti is doing well in the daily serial.

Let's hope he will make it big in films and also finds a place in Bigg Boss someday.