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Why it is funny to say Westerners are being paid to praise 'RRR'...


A view has been floated by many Indians that Westerners are heaping praises on 'Roudram Ranam Rudhiram' because they have been paid by Netflix or the makers of 'RRR' to do so. On the face of it, the view is laughable.

'RRR' has been praised by YouTubers and many social media influencers from the West. Film critics writing for important publications have raved about the Rajamouli directorial. Even if we assume that they were paid reviews, what about some very big names like Russo Brothers calling Rajamouli 'the great'? What about Scott Derrickson, Edgar Wright, James Gunn (director of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'), Hollywood comedian and actor Patton Oswalt of Eternals, among others, praising 'RRR' to the skies?

There are genuine reasons to believe 'RRR' has caught their imagination. "The praise for 'RRR' comes due to the absence of self-serious cinema of excess, which aged out of Hollywood somewhere in the 90s. It's the yearning for John Rambo that is driving this. 'RRR' being a competent film also doesn't hurt," writes Twitter user Dr. Ashoke Gupta. He feels that the John Woo, Nicolas Cage, Mel Gibson-type blockbusters were Hollywood's last attempts at blockbuster genres.

Just as Bollywood audiences are loving 'Pushpa', 'KGF' and 'Baahubali' type movies, Hollywoodians are loving 'RRR'.