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'Liger' post-mortem: Puri Jagannadh must ignore THIS lesson!


YouTubers have been doing non-stop post-mortem of 'Liger'. The scale of the disaster is making the disappointed YouTubers rip apart Puri Jagannadh's lazy writing and lazier execution.

Almost all reviews are complaining that the hero's characterization is not of the kind we would expect from Puri Jagannadh. It's not known if Puri listens to such reviews but if he is doing so, he shouldn't get too carried away.

There are two aspects to the criticism. If you are complaining that Liger doesn't talk much and therefore the character is boring, your criticism is valid. His stammering is irrelevant to the story. But if you are saying that Liger doesn't behave like how Shankar did in 'iSmart Shankar', how Theda Singh behaved in 'Paisaa Vasool', or how Sanju behaved in 'Rogue', then you are inviting Puri to adopt a beaten-to-death format.

Puri must be discouraged completely to take up writing for the next few years. His characterizations, dialogues and screenplay have been looking generic and lifeless since at least 2013. He should hand over the job to a new writing team. He must start it with 'Jana Gana Mana' itself.