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Sanjjanaa Galrani of 'Bujjigaadu' fame is pregnant


Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani is having the best of times these days as an expectant mother. She is pregnant and is relishing every moment of her life. The actress's due date falls sometime in the month of May.

The starlet has been married happily to Dr. Azeez Pasha, a vascular surgeon. A source says that the couple has been taking the best advice from experts in Bengaluru, where they live. The lovely duo has a large circle in the city and they love their hometown.

Speaking to a national daily recently, the actress said, "Now I am 34, so I too felt it was high time I embraced motherhood, so here I am. Moreover, with COVID, life and work has become slower for everyone and my husband and I agreed that it’s the best time to have our child."

Sanjjanaa has been sought-after by brands and is busy on many days with endorsements.