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'RRR': One area where this film is shockingly ineffective


"The dialogues in 'Roudram Ranam Rudhiram' are going to be wow." You must have heard media reports say that for years. Dialogues and punchlines in mass movies are supposed to be memorable. And when it comes to an epic movie like 'RRR', the expectations are unrealistically and understandably high.

Shockingly, RRR's dialogues have NOT made any impact. They were written by Sai Madhav Burra and Kollywood writer Madhan Karky (probably some of the dialogues were written originally in Tamil and translated into Telugu). So, any praise or criticism must be shared by both writers.

'RRR' is not a one-hero movie. And when there are two heroes, shouldn't the film have given us at least five dashing lines. Honestly, reviews and audiences are not talking about dialogues because they are not awesome by any measure.

Yes, 'RRR' is more a visual spectacle where dialogues are secondary. Even if you concede this point, 'RRR' comes a cropper on the front of dialogues.