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'Who is Viraj Reddy?': Netizens get curious about the mystery man!


Viraj Reddy. The name sounds evocative. To paraphrase Jhansi's lines from 'Ashta Chamma', there is vibration in the name.

As of now, not many know who he is unless they have taken the pains to search for him on the Internet. A pic of the mystery man facing his back to the camera has surfaced across social media platforms. 'Who is Viraj Reddy?' the poster asks. The poster is intriguing.

For the looks of it, Viraj is making a debut in movies. Is he a star kid? Is he the son of a political biggie? Is he a businessman's legatee? Questions abound.

If you are interested, go ask the Internet who Viraj Reddy is. You might just find an answer!