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Naga Shaurya's hospitalization must alert heroes


Naga Shaurya was on Monday hospitalized after he fainted while in action on a film set. Dehydration has been identified as the reason for his untimely fainting.

The actor has not been consuming water for 3 days in his effort to look fit. No-water diet is prescribed for male actors who want to look macho in action scenes. The six-pack abs look, for example, is said to be at its best following a no-water diet.

For 'Lakshya', Shaurya was even more rigorous. "The likes of Allu Arjun garu, Ram Charan garu are working harder than ever to tone up their body. It's because the range of Telugu cinema has gone up a lot in recent years. We have to impress crores of audiences. I too have worked hard to build 8-pack-abs. I didn't drink water for 9 days (in three installments) so that my abs show up. If there is liquid in the body, the abs don't become obvious," he said at that time.

The latest episode shows that rigorous fitness regimen have unintended consequences. Action heroes better be on guard.