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Chiranjeevi targets Garikapati


In the first week of October, Garikapati Narasimha Rao, the well-known literary performer, invited controversy when he shouted at Chiranjeevi during an event. When he was delivering his speech, a photo session was behind held with Chiru at the centre. This was not to Garikapati's liking. He got angry, as it was noisy over there. Garikapati told Chiru to immediately suspend the photo session so that he can continue the sermon without interruption. "Otherwise, I will take leave," he warned.

After the incident, Chiranjeevi's fans demanded that Garikapati personally call the actor and apologize for his behaviour. It seems Garikapati is yet to do the same.

On Friday, the 'GodFather' and 'Waltair Veerayya' actor was at an event where he was indulging some women who wanted to pose for pics with him. Suddenly, the actor broke into a quip: "Ikkada vaaru leru kadha?!"

After uttering those words, Chiru smiled somewhat mischievously. He was clearly mocking Garikapati's school-teacher type behaviour in the past.