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'Malli Pelli' Teaser: Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh fall in love - this time on screen!


"True Love triumphs over all odds," wrote VK Naresh, unveiling the teaser for 'Malli Pelli'. The film, directed by MS Raju, is a dramatized interpretation of the events from the lives of Naresh, his estranged wife Ramya Raghupathi, and actress Pavitra Lokesh. Naresh and Pavitra are literally playing themselves in this potentially explosive film that ends on a romantic note.

The teaser shows a middle-aged woman, who is the wife of Naresh, go to the town accusing her husband of being cruel. In a phone call with her, Naresh blasts her for being mired in self-inflicted wounds (read debts). The controversial hotel incident, which took place last year involving the three real-life characters, is also presented in a comically dramatized fashion.

Naresh literally projects himself as a husband for whom falling in love with another woman is an act of resistance.

With music by Suresh Bobbili, the film will hit the cinemas in May.