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Crazy theory: Vanga wants ban calls against 'Animal'


'Animal' has been described as disgusting, grotesque and extremely bestial. The degree of violence in the film is punishing to the family audience. If you are a responsible parent, you wouldn't venture anywhere near cinema halls playing the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer. Some gory scenes in the movie have been described by middle-aged audience members are pointlessly macabre.

Undoubtedly, Sandeep Reddy Vanga knew what he was doing. After the release of 'Kabir Singh', he told a film critic that he would show what violence is in his next film. He had 'Animal' in mind.

There is a theory, after the movie's release, that Vanga hopes for calls for its ban in theatres. "Vanga has designed it to provoke. He wants you to call for a ban, to say the film is misogynistic and upsetting. And when you do, he will say, what did you expect, the film’s called Animal," wrote Uday Bhatia, a film critic. The reviewer's view is not off the mark.

The 'Arjun Reddy' director knows that mere calls for a ban won't have any real consequences, considering the film is anyway A-rated. If anything, such calls will only polarize the audiences and make him even more popular across the country. 'Animal Park' aka 'Animal 2' will immensely benefit from a campaign to ban the movie.