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'Mukhachitram' locks its OTT release date


'Mukhachitram', starring Vikas Vasishta, Priya Vadlamani and others, has got Vishwak Sen in the role of a lawyer. The news is that the drama has locked its OTT release date.

Aha Video today said that the movie will premiere at midnight on February 2.

The film didn't work at the box office when it was released in December last year. Ravi Shankar was seen as a lawyer in the film.

What is the film about?

Mahati (Priya Vadlamani) is a shy and timid woman from a traditional family in a village. Dr. Raj Kumar (Vikas Vasishta as a plastic surgeon) marries her in an arranged marriage set-up and brings her to the city. Maya Fernandez (Ayesha Khan), who is his childhood love, is heartbroken in the meanwhile. Months after Mahati and Raj Kumar get married, a tragedy strikes them. A plastic surgery later, Maya 'becomes' Mahati. The rest of the film is about the dynamics that shape the relationship between her and Raj Kumar.