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'Sirimalle Puvva' heads to theatres on February 10


At the pre-release event of 'Sirimalle Puvva' today, it was announced that the film will head to the theatres on February 10. Touted to be a social, action drama set in the backdrop of a tribes community, 'Sirimalle Puvva' is headlined by Srikar Krishna and Sravani Nikki.

The film, directed by newcomer Goutham Mylavaram, co-stars Ajay Ghosh, Jaya Naidu, Amma Ramesh, Shafi Qadri and others. A female producer named Kausar Jahan has bankrolled the project against all odds. The project was cemented in 2019. The Covid-19 played a spoilsport and therefore, its release was held up.

Speaking at today's event, guest and director Chandra Mahesh said that Goutham had left his government job to become a filmmaker. Senior director Samudra said that the film's technical output is strong. He congratulated new Editor Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who is the son of the prolific Editor Nandamuri Hari.

Guest and producer Tummala Prasanna Kumar said that the film is a layered tale with elements like Naxalism, factionalism, and action.

Producer Kausar Jahan said that she has made 'Sirimalle Puvva' with the sole purpose of making a message-driven and well-meaning movie. "Our film showcases the struggles undergone by a tribal girl who is in love with a man," she added.

Allu Ramesh, Rajeshwari, Omkar Nath, Shyam, Kalyan, Shafi Siripuram, Raja Rao Arangipuram, Vardhini, Ramya Sri, Lakshmi, Veena Saraswati and others are part of the cast.