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Korean thriller 'He Is Psychometric' to get an Indian remake


Producer Sunitha Tati of Guru Films is fond of foreign movies. She has already brought out Samantha's 'Oh Baby', Regina Cassandra-Nivetha Thomas' 'Saakini Daakini', and 'Dongalunnaru Jagrattha'. Each of those movies was a remake of some or the other foreign movie. The first two were remakes of Korean dramas. The last of these was the remake of a Spanish survival thriller.

In the latest instance, Sunitha Tati is producing the Indian remake of a Korean movie titled 'He Is Psychometric'. It will be made not as a feature film but as a series.

"The Korean original tells the story of a young man who discovers Psychometric powers after a fateful accident," the makers today said.

Last year, in an interview, here is what the producer said: "We are going to remake six Korean films. We are doing a film in both Hindi and down South. There is another interesting film, which is an investigative thriller. It's a hero-centric film. There are three more films, one of which is a heroine-centric one. This pipeline is going to keep us engaged in 2023."