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Manchu Vishnu mocks media over 'black money' reports


Recently, Manchu Vishnu put out a pic on social media. The pic was of a heap of Rs 2,000 notes, the high-value denomination which has been withdrawn recently by the RBI. In the post, the 'Ginna' actor joked that the load of money belongs to Vennela Kishore. "I wonder what he will do with these Rs 2,000 notes," the MAA President wrote.

The joke has been blown out of proportion and needlessly written about with misleading headlines by a section of the media. It has been alluded that Vishnu was talking about the comedian holding a stash of black money at his house. Obviously, that was not the intention of Vishnu.

Taking to social media on Monday, Vishnu called out the "genius new portals", which are "not legit and genuine news networks."

The actor added, "Almost everyone knows that Kishore and I always have funny banter. And anyone with a little bit of humor would understand that it was a joke. For those who didn’t understand the joke, only god can save your poor soul!"