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Netflix, Amazon Prime fearing RSS, BJP: Washington Post


A Washington Post report has claimed that streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have been pressured into tailoring their content in such a way that their shows don't offend Hindus. "Under pressure from the Hindu right, Netflix and Amazon in India drop projects touching on political, social issues and documentaries. After 'Tandav' (Hindi), Amazon's head went into hiding and surrendered his passport. Netflix executives feared risk of arrest," the report claims.

The report has been used by many commentators to imply that the Narendra Modi government has promoted a culture of censorship, ruining the Freedom of Expression of artists, writers and filmmakers.

However, a section of the viewers are happy that streaming giants, which curate content without bothering about the religious sentiments of Hindus, have rightly been shown their place. "Don't crib. Write good content. The audience will accept. Indians are mature enough to understand the subtle propaganda. You want our money, respect our sentiments. Simple," wrote a Netizen.

There has been a backlash against Woke, Hinduphobic content. And the backlash has taken its toll, if the report is anything to go by. OTT platforms may have changed gears after thousands of Hindus stopped watching them in the wake of an intense social media campaign over the years. Bollywood stopped insulting Hindu sentiments after a spate of boycott calls and after films like 'Haider' flopped miserably at the box office. Something similar might be happening now on the OTT front. "Nobody should be allowed to portray Hinduism as evil and mock our gods and culture. Controlling these OTT platforms is very important," wrote a Twitter user.