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Why Ram Charan's fans will scrutinize 'Indian 2' Trailer closely


The Trailer for 'Indian 2' will be out soon. The quality of content in the trailer will help Ram Charan's fans reasonably assess whether director Shankar's form is intact.

'Game Changer', too, starring the Mega Power Star in the lead, is directed by Shankar. The 'Robot' and '2.0' maker took up the film because 'Indian 2' was shelved temporarily in 2020 and 2021. He was not prepared to work with Ram Charan, actually. The 'RRR' actor teamed up with Shankar rather accidentally.

It is reasonable to say that, as far as Shankar is concerned, 'Indian 2' is far more important and a bigger passion project than 'Game Changer'. So, 'Indian 2' needs to be superlative. The trailer for 'Indian 2' will be extraordinary if the film is top-notch.

If the trailer for 'Indian 2' is sub-par, the hopes of Charan's fans will stand diminished. If 'Indian 2' (to be released in theatres on July 12) is average or below-average, Charan's fans will probably give up on 'Game Changer' altogether.