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Golimaar has given me a boost but can't say how many steps in my ladder - Gopichand


Hailing from a movie family one should appreciate the perseverance of Gopichand who reconciled to do negative roles inspite of starting his career as a hero in ‘Tholi Valapu’. But later he regained his hero position and went on to survive in the industry for about a decade. A comedy tainted action hero with a little bit of romance hidden here and there has been dominating the screens with his fierce action. The knife wielding Gopichand is a common scene in all his movies which has been converted into a gun wielding Gangaram in the movie ‘Golimaar’. The movie which was released on May 27th has received good reviews and Gopichand gave an interview to the media to celebrate his jubilant mood. Here are some excerpts.

What is that you are seeing something different in this movie?
It’s the story that inspired me.  Infact the homework carried out by Jagan and the way he narrated the story and the importance to the character really inspired me to say ‘Yes’ as soon as I heard the story.
What about the characters in the movie?
I liked the character Gangaram who is calm, composed, courageous and tough personality.  I also like the characters of Priyamani and Roja who have added value to the movie.  
How did you land upon this chance?
I’ve been in the industry since nine years and you will notice that except ‘Jayam’, I’ve been mostly doing the movies under relatively new directors.  Infact, I had a desire to do a movie with an established director and Jagan was on top of the list.  I happened to receive a call through a known source about this offer and what happened next is the history.

Do you feel the ‘Golimaar’ has given a rise in your acting career?
I can say for sure that this movie is a very important one in my career.  Yes! It has given me a boost but can’t say how many steps in my ladder.  
What could be the probable reason for the lack of offers to do movies with big directors?
Every one has got their calculations.  Infact, before start of any project the producer and director spends time in understanding the economics of a movie, what say can I’ve in such things.
So what’s your experience in working with Puri Jagannath?
Jagan is a cool director.  In the beginning I used to have a kind of fear of working with an established director like him.  But as the days pass by I could see the professional approach in him and his sense of responsibility.  I started enjoying work with him.  

Can you tell us something about the producer?
Bellamkonda Suresh made all arrangements as soon as the movie was kicked off.  He has given a free hand to the director Jagan which speaks of his quality as a producer.

What’s the reaction of people who have watched ‘Golimaar’?
This movie has all elements that can satisfy the audience and undoubtedly they have reacted very positively. I’ve all along noticed that the public as well as people surrounding me have been very candid in giving their opinion and the same group has appreciated the movie ‘Golimaar’.

What will be your feeling if you happen to see more of such police oriented movies?

There is a dialogue in the movie which says ‘Sir, Please don’t sleep in the night duty.  It’s because of you many people sleep peacefully.”  Such dialogues add value to the Khakhi uniform.  There is also a song on police which enhances the respect.  When I’ve done such movies and the more I see it no doubt I’ll have lots of respect for the Khakhi uniform.

Are you ready to do romantic entertainers?
Anything is ok as long as there is action in it for I’m a basically action oriented personality and if I happened to go behind girls in the name of love and romance nobody would watch it.

Does it mean you depend on image?
Oh!  No image or anything matters as long as there is a good story.  One cannot under-estimate the audience.  If one just depends on image and no story the movie will never run.

What is your next film?

While there are some movies on the cards which are yet to be announced, I can declare about a movie under B Gopal’s direction.  This is an action love story on family backdrop.

Updated on May 31, 2010