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Interview: Santosh Srinivas speaks on 'Alludu Adhurs'


'Alludu Adhurs', starring Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas in the lead, will release in theatres on January 15. In this interview, director Santosh Srinivas talks about the family entertainer, why he thinks the hero's stature will increase after this movie, working with Nabha Natesh, Prakash Raj Devi Sri Prasad and others, and more.


We made the film at a very fast pace. After 'Rakshasudu', Bellamkonda Srinivas wanted to do a fun movie. Just a couple of days after everything seemed to be place, the pandemic struck India. We completed the shoot braving the virus. The climax and action episodes were shot amid the pandemic, with all the protocols in place. They were heavy-duty and were shot with a great amount of conviction.

This is not the 'Kandireega' formula as such, but you can expect that level of entertainment. It will keep you laughing throughout. 'Alludu Adhurs' is a romantic family, action entertainer. The hero's character is totally new and it will turn out to be the biggest USP.

Sonu Sood has a negative role in the movie. After he became a pandemic-time hero, we made little changes to his character. Even before he became a hero in real life, his character conveys the theme that humanity is the core of a human being. So, I didn't need to try too hard to tinker with the character.

Since we had seven months of time, I had the opportunity to fine-tune the script. I have seen Bellamkonda's movies right from his 'Alludu Seenu'. After 'Alludu Adhurs', he will be catapulted to the next level. He is a complete family, action hero. Women are going to love him.

Devi Sri Prasad's songs are superb. 'Hola Chica' has crossed one million views in just 12 hours of its release. Nabha Natesh is energetic and has high grasping powers. She is bubbly and talks in the Telangana slang. Anu Emmanuel is a soft girl in the movie and is always dignified.

I have always been writing my own stories. If I don't like a script, I don't go ahead with the project. I can do things fast. I also wrap up a project at less than the planned budget. The likes of Prakash Raj have worked on 'Alludu Adhurs' enthusiastically. It shows that they trust me big-time. He is the 'mama' in the story.

A film with Ravi Teja garu was supposed to be made. We shot for two days. You have to ask the producers for an update. It continues to be my desire to team up with Mass Maharaja.

I sincerely wish that all the Sankranti releases become a hit at the box-office. The industry needs a string of hits. Watching a movie at a cinema is an unmatched experience. There is a difference between enjoying a film with hundreds of people and watching it at home all alone. It's the craze for movies that has helped the OTT segment thrive.

The commercial cinema will survive despite the pandemic. After 'Siva', people thought nobody can better it. 'Samarasimha Reddy' came. There will always be such out-and-out commercial films. No other genre can amass mind-blowing collections.

Updated on January 4, 2021