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'F3' is ten times funnier than 'F2': Sunil


'F3' is heading to theatres on May 27. Sunil has played a comical role in this Venkatesh-Varun Tej-Anil Ravipudi comedy. In this interview, Sunil talks about the film, his upcoming projects, how he views money, teaming up with the likes of Trivikram and Chiranjeevi, and more.


I have had the opportunity to be versatile in the last 25 years. I have played comedic roles, lead roles, and even a villain in 'Colour Photo' and 'Pushpa: The Rise'. Directors have let me dance and sport six-pack abs. Encouragement from my directors has been a constant.

There are hardly 4-5 comedy directors in today's Tollywood. Anil Ravipudi is one of them. I loved it when 'F3' came my way. I have mouthed my kind of lines and repartees in a full-fledged role. More than solo scenes, I have scenes with other artists. I tail after Varun Tej, while Raghu Babu is on Venkatesh garu's side. In my opinion, 'F3' is ten times funnier than 'F2'.

Anil Ravipudi is an all-rounder. He is the kind of person who watched and enjoyed the kind of movies we actors did as youngsters. He danced to chartbusters. There is an artist in him. Not many directors have managed to work with an ensemble cast so seamlessly. The comedy in 'F3' is going to keep you laughing throughout.

Venkatesh garu will steal the show in the film. His comedy is superb. Varun Tej was fun to work with. He comes across as someone who can be cast even in Russian and European movies. I have known him since his teen days. He calls me 'Anna'. He is spontaneous and that's why he is such a treat to watch in 'F3'. The movie has tapped his talent for repartees and satires.

I juggled 'F3' and 'Pushpa' last year. I shot the latter in night shifts, while the former was shot in morning shifts. It would take me 15 minutes to adjust myself to the frequency of the role once I am on the set of a film.

'F3' explores the reality of the dominance of money in our lives. I feel Kali Yuga is dominated by money. Everything depends on currency. Speaking for myself, I value humans and human relations more than money. I can't be a businessman. I am naive. If I build a bathroom, I am going to end up splurging Rs 1 Cr. Because they are going to take me for a ride!

How natural a performance is depends on the backdrop of the movie. When a film is set in a village, the actor tends to deliver his lines naturally. The local slang is adapted by the actor organically because of the influence of the surroundings and the environment.

I have stopped planning my career. I am letting Nature do it for me! I am ready to play even a grandfather's character. As long as the character is sensible, I am up for it!

We need to make more and more comedy films. The genre is not easy at all. A serious character is easy to play. Even the script is not elaborate on the characterization. It's difficult to look funny and tickle the funny bone.

It's the audience's misfortune that there are not enough directors who make comedies these days. Nothing can match the joy of laughter while watching a movie. Thrillers, murder mysteries and all are like going to a pub. Comedies are like going to a temple. The positive energies in the latter are infectious! Laughter is the best antidote for diseases and suffering. The comedies of Jandhyala and Bapu were classics. Are we laughing as much as the previous generations did while watching classic comedies?

Not everything in a comedy scene can be written into the script. Some things have to be developed spontaneously. The artist's intelligence can be understood only if you know the artist.

'Pushpa' helped in removing preconceived notions about my acting abilities. I tried a new slang, a new character altogether and people liked it. I am far from being a complete actor. When I watch any five movies by Kamal Haasan, I feel that I can't do 100 scenes in them!

The negative role in 'Color Photo' was not a regular one. It was a subtle one. Young filmmakers want to show me in a new light. They have been watching me since they were teens.

I will be doing a role in Trivikram's next movie (with Mahesh Babu). He always tries to cast me at least in a small role. He had me dance in the title track in 'Bheemla Nayak'. I am going to do a nice film next year. Besides 'Pushpa 2', I am also doing Ram Charan-Shankar's film and Chiranjeevi garu's 'Godfather'. I am also doing a host of movies made by new-age directors.

Updated on May 14, 2022