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'Top Gear' constantly engages the viewer: Producer KV Sridhar Reddy


'Top Gear', starring Aadi Saikumar, will head to theatres on December 30. In this interview, producer KV Sridhar Reddy talks about the film, working with director K Shashikanth, the background music's strength, what is unique about the thriller, and more. The film is backed by seasoned distributors in Andhra and Nizam. In all, it will be released on 200 screens in the Telugu States.

'Top Gear' has been made without compromises. Talented technicians have worked on the movie. Aadi needs no introduction. His movies might have misfired, but his acting and skills are undoubtedly cool. With 'Top Gear', he is going to turn the tide.

When the director narrated the storyline, I found it novel. Even the audience are going to appreciate the freshness factor. It is the era of content-based movies these days. By content, I mean the story, screenplay, and subject of a film. 'Top Gear' is highly engaging, screenplay-wise. There is a lot of action and a feeling of 'what next?' hanging over the film.

Harshavardhan Rameshwar's BGM is like the hero of the film. The BGM had to be outstanding for a film like this. There is just one song.

Sai Kumar garu, Aadi's father, is very optimistic. He believes that Aadi is going to have a great 2023.

Riya Suman plays the hero's wife. When the villain goes after the hero, she too gets into a soup. Her performance is an asset.

Thanks to my experience and networking, I have already done decent business selling 'Top Gear'. I had an 'xyz' figure in mind and I could realize the same. Producers get into the fray with some figures in mind. It might not work always. If you believe in the worth of quality content, you are likely to be safe. A producer also needs to have people who trust him.

These days, even actors with some range and popularity are suffering if the content is weak. Big films and small films are in the same basket. Making a film itself is a challenge. And releasing it is another challenge altogether.

I have paid advances to two heroes for two different movies. It has to be seen which one will go on the floors first.

Updated on December 29, 2022