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I'll prove my caliber with one good film - Madhhurima


Actress Madhhurima, an LLB degree holder from Mumbai has outstanding looks, and is very passionate about acting. However, she is not getting the right films to exhibit her true talent and make her mark in Tollywood. According to her she can’t be blamed if few of her films have failed to impress the audience. “I’m pretty and hep in my real life than reel life. I got appreciation for my work. If I’m given one right film, I’ll prove my caliber and hope to be the best that I can be while I’m here in Tollywood”, says this Mumbai beauty. So check out Maddhrima’s exclusive interview right here to know more stuff about her!

Sexy actress MadhhurimaWhen did you first catch the “Acting Bug”?
Since childhood! I’ve grown up watching Sridevi and Madhuri. I want be an actress known for her looks, glam and talent. I’ve done a few assignments when I was a kid. Also I used to sing. Mr GV Iyer was the director (who made the first Sanskrit film India world called 'ADISHANKRACHARYA' and won many national awards) who discovered my talent and made me believe that I could be a star. He also gave me a certificate stating that I’ll be an international star someday. Haha!

Oh! That’s a really a wonderful compliment. You are in Telugu film industry for about 4 years and did around 5 to 6 films. What have you learnt from them?
I have learned to be patient. It's all about timing and right people and the right approach.

Why there is a long gap between your films?
I was working and studying simultaneously, because of which I had prioritized my graduation at that time. 2nd issue was the right guidance. Having the greatest of offers I could not take up the right projects as I did not have a proper guidance. I am a non Telugu speaker, hence I had no option other than trusting and being loyal to my local manager in Hyderabad. There were films which offered me great money. But after all only the right projects fetches you a good career. If I ever asked any one else about an offer they would just say if you like the script and your role, you do it. No one actually came up and said this good or this is not good. At the same time whether my films did well or not, if you see the reviews you will know that I have always been appreciated for my talent and looks. I was also given bullshit suggestions like putting on weight whereas I see all the superstars all slim and trim. One very good thing that has happened is public still do not recognize me much. With proper positioning with a good team and a proper modern, commercial film where I can play a glamorous role with a renowned hero, director and producer, I’m sure I will be able to do justice to the film. I have decided not to take any further suggestions, rather concentrate on my body looks and acting in that RIGHT film.

Tell us about your work experience with ‘Shadow’ team.
I had amazing fun with the team. Working with legend like Venkatesh sir is a privilege. Meher sir is the most stylish director in
Tollywood. Taapsee and Srikanth are very friendly and sweet.

Tell us about the challenges you are currently facing?
My challenge is to break my traditional image. I’m pretty and hep in real life than in reel life. But for an actor it's important to be able to easily mold herself in any look. I look very different with different makeup, cloths and hairstyle. Unfortunately people have not seen my urban side. Now I wanna explore my glamorous side A film which has combination of both glamor and tradition.

Having been part of both the industries, What difference have you seen between Bollywood and Tollywood?
Tollywood has very rigid timings. They can make more No. of films in a year. It's the 2nd most glamorous industry. Bollywood has its own charm. They are very professional yet flexible. It's indeed the most glamorous.

What do you like about Tollywood and what you don’t like?
Most importantly a person should be chosen in a film based on his/her looks, talent and caliber. Many heroines come and go but those with talent and looks should be given opportunities. What I don't like is they choose actors based on the actor’s previous hit or flop. If the film is a hit its the hero’s credit., and if it a flop, why is the heroine to be blamed?

What do you think makes you more popular? TV serials or films?
Films if you are a star. But not many watch films. Serials make you more popular as major masses watch you, especially reality shows.

How long does it take you to get ready for a shot?Hot Tollywood actress Madhhurima
15 minutes maximum.

What do you do during your break time?
Power nap or listen to music.

According to you the definition of glamour is….
Having a very attractive body with innocent charming face.

Some say that a heroine can stabilize in the industry only if she agrees for show biz. What’s your opinion?
Till date I worked hard and was praised for my work. But yes, now I agree you have to be a ill showy because that’s how public is attracted. Now a days films are made only to entertain! A very few films give you a moral. After all even the producer has to have a good business as he's putting so much money at stake.

What is most needed to survive in the industry?
Good PR, good films, good relations and good work.

Are you comfortable with the kind of roles you are doing in Tollywood?
Not at all! I have never been approached with the right project yet. Given a chance they will believe that. My friends from Tollywood (non-filmy) have been tired of asking me why am I not doing a proper commercial film. The fact is I had no one to guide me. They say a good Manager can make you or finish you. I had everything but no proper guidance.

Given a chance, what role would you love to play in your next film?
Have done enough of traditional roles. Would like to be part of mainstream commercial cinema, with glamorous lengthy role.

How do you cope up with all the stress?
I dance and I try not to take stress. Taking stress won't help. It will spoil our focus.

What products have you endorsed so far?
Hmmm.. Saheli, R.S. Brothers. Also did celebrity club Prajay ad and Kalyan Jewellers ad in all 4 languages, plus Mannapuram finance for Tamil. Apart from that I’ve endorsed the famous Sumangali face cream in Kerala. Currently doing for Me Mobiles.

Wow, you have done quite a lot. I appreciate that. Do you have a celebrity crush

Did you have weirdest fan experience?Juicy actress Madhhurima
Loads. All are different. Have also got many marriage proposals from Hyderabad. Lol!!

What can you not travel without?
Water and chocolates.

How many countries have you visited so far in the name of film shooting?
Malaysia, Bangkok.

Do you have any summer tour plans?
Neah!! 14 May is my birthday. For the first time I’m not working on my birthday. So will be in Mumbai and chill at home.

Is there a man in your life?

When are you planning to get married and settle in life?
After I feel I have done enough good work. Say about 4-5 years from now?

Who’s your best friend in the industry?

Do you have any other projects that you are working on now?
I’m working on 2 Hindi films and waiting for the right Telugu film.

What can Madhurima’s fans expect next?
To see me very glamorous and fit. Never like before.

The industry is seeing many new actresses every day. At this juncture do you think you will still have the chance in the industry?
Industry is seeing many new actresses today. What happens to them after 2-3 films? I always feel there is lack of good heroines especially when all the goodd ones are busy in Bollywood now. I’m not seeking for chance. I’m just here to do good work. As I said, given one right film I’ll prove my caliber. I am confidant because I have been appreciated for my work and looks. Only thing went wrong was a proper guidance. Given an opportunity once again I’ll make sure that I do the best. I’m well educated and can always fall back on another career if things don't go smooth. And hence I don't take stress.

Thank you Madhhurima for your positive answers. You will definitely reach your goals. All the very best for your future endeavours.

___Radhika Andluri ([email protected])

Updated on April 24, 2020