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Nithiin on 'Bheeshma', destination wedding & more


'Bheeshma - Single Forever', directed by Venky Kudumula of 'Chalo' fame, will release on 21st February. Nithiin talks about this movie, his role, his upcoming projects are more in this interview. Excerpts...

Nithin interview Bheeshma, his marriage and moreMeme creator
I play a memes creator in 'Bheeshma'. So, every scene in the film will be funny. You'll see that characterization even when he warns the villain. It's a very good role. 'Bheeshma' is a blend of love, comedy and action like 'Dil'.

Organic farming
The film doesn't revolve around organic farming. It's just an element in the story. I work in a company named Bheeshma organics in the movie. We haven't talked much about organic farming during the promotions, as audiences may feel that the film revolves around it.

Inspired by 'Athadu'
There is a fight sequence in the movie, inspired by 'Athadu' field fight. You can see it in the trailer. Audiences will definitely like it.

Bounded script
Venky narrated the story when I was doing 'Srinivasa Kalyanam'. I liked it and asked him to develop it completely. He took one year to come up with the bounded script. As my previous three movies didn't work out, I wanted to start the film only when the full script work is done. I also liked Chandrasekhar Yeleti's film and 'RangDe' around the same time. I also gave green signal to Krishna Chaitanya's 'Power Peta' and Hindi movie 'Andhadhun' remake

Didn't want him 
Swara Sagar has given very good music. Whether it is 'Whattey Beauty' or 'Sarasari Gundello' or 'Singles Anthem', every song is good. Background score is better than the songs. Initially, I didn't want Mahathi for this movie, as I felt whole team of 'Chalo' is getting repeated. I asked director Venky to change the music director. But Venky insisted that Mahathi should be the music director as gets along with us well. Sagar has done a great job.

Dance moves
The last time I tried some difficult dance moves was for 'Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyindhe'. Thereafter, I only had simple dance moves in my movies. For this movie, we focused on dance and I'm sure audiences will like those steps.

Rashmika looks beautiful on screen. Everyone is saying that the chemistry between us is good.

Pawan Kalyan name for promotion?
After 'Jayam', every film of mine had a mention of Pawan Kalyan. We incorporated a song or tune or poster or dialogue of his. People started talking about it after 'Ishq' success. It's all my love on him. I'm a pure fan of him.I will continue doing that no matter what you write.

Not confused
Though I was shooting for three movies at the same time, I wasn't confused about the roles as the working style of the three directors is different. Venky Kudumula doesn't like actors blinking eyes when mouthing dialogues. But Yeleti garu asks us to blink eyes. The directors used to take me into those characters though I was confused. But I will never do three films at the same time again in my life. I had no rest and sleep. Whenever I got a day off, the three directors used to fight with me to allot that day for them. Now that I am done with 'Bheeshma', I am a little bit relaxed.

'Check' is the title for Chandrasekhar Yeleti garu's film.

Not bored
Though I've been doing love stories continuously since 'Jayam', I am not bored as every story is different. I'm doing a film with Yeleti garu as I want to do something different. 'Andhadhun' is a different movie and 'Power Peta' will be a different movie. I am also planning to cut down on the number of love stories I do. Though 'RangDe' is a love story, I liked the story very much. I will be seen as a 24 year old in that movie. I signed the film as I won't get that opportunity again.

Destination wedding
My engagement with Shalini will be held on 15th April in Dubai and the wedding is on 16th. The wedding will be a close knit affair with only few friends and family members attending it. But we are going to hold a grand reception on 21st April in Hyderabad. I met Shalini in 2012 through a common friend. We hit it off instantly. The friendship later blossomed into love. It was me who proposed at first and she accepted. We decided to get married and said the same to our family members last year. Even they didn't know about our love till then. Actually, we wanted to get married three years ago. But marriage is a big step in our life and so we took time. 
We avoided media attention and kept our love a secret deliberately. I haven't planned the destination wedding. It was planned by Shalini, her parents and my parents. My friends in the industry are more happier than me as my bachelor life is getting ended. Nani is saying 'Da Da'. Rana and Varun Tej have also wished me. But I think it's already late for me.

Updated on February 20, 2020