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'Middle Class Melodies' is full of fun: Anand Deverakonda


Anand Deverakonda will be seen in 'Middle Class Melodies', which will stream on Amazon Prime from November 20. Starring also Vasha Bollamma and a range of new actors, the film has been directed by Vinod Ananthoju.

In this exclusive chat with Ragalahari, the budding actor talks about his experience of working on the movie, what makes 'MCM' unique and more.

Humorous mood prevails in 'MCM'

I come from a middle-class background. Therefore, I could connect with the hardships of my family in the film. The hardships haven't been portrayed melodramatically but hilariously in 'MCM'. In the trailer, you see banter and humour. The same mood prevails in the film, too. The word 'Melodies' in the title denotes the ups and downs of life.

The story behind Bombay Chutney

We have heard of so many chutneys in our households. Bombay chutney in the film is something different. Our director hails from Guntur and he knows this local flavour well. He wanted to show it visually in the movie and also have a character named after the dish.

People are drawing comparisons with 'Pelli Choopulu', in which too there was an eatery angle involved. I am hoping the sentiment works for me. That's the hope every time we do something.

Shooting experience

Much of the film was shot in Guntur for 20 days. We shot in a village near Guntur. The scenes inside in the Raghava Tiffin Centre were shot on a set erected here in Hyderabad.

Becoming an actor

Initially, it felt like an unrealistic dream. But with content-driven movies being made and a number of platforms coming up, there are now many opportunities available for newbies. The brand of Vijay Deverakonda hasn't influenced me much. But I am proud of the fact that I have to live up to Vijay's brand image. My focus is on living up to the characters I play, though.

Speaking in the Guntur accent

There was no accent coach in particular. But I got to interact with someone who likes to converse in the Guntur accent. Since he hails from that region, interacting with him helped me figure out the pronunciation and all.

Working with Varsha Bollamma

Varsha is cute and soft in her movies. In real life, though, she can be totally opposite. In comparison, I am the one who is soft. She is a brilliant actor with whom I will get to work in the future again.

Superb fun in Guntur

I have completely enjoyed doing this movie right from the time of narration. 'Dorasaani' was shot in remote locations. On the other hand, this movie was shot in Guntur in a guerrilla-style way. Those days were super fun, be it the experience of shooting in real locations or the food there.

Vinod is like a seasoned director

Vinod Ananthoju is hardly like a debut director. He was amazingly clear about what he wanted from the actors. The emotional part of movie-making was handled very well by him. The technical aspects and all too were taken care of by him with a lot of command. He has made a feel-good, fun-filled outing. We are waiting for November 20. Enjoy this film with nice snacks.

Blessed to work with Bhavya Creations

Bhavya Creations is superb. I am lucky that I got to work with such a banner early on in career. The producers want to tell unique stories. They gave the director all the creative freedom. OTT offers limitless reach. That way, it's a great blessing.

Upcoming movie

I am doing one other film, whose shooting is almost done. The title is yet to be announced. We will announce its title and other details once 'MCM' is out. From film to film, I get new inspirations from different kinds of talents. Working with big directors is something everyone wishes for. But I have to match the content.

Recent favourites

'Mirzapur' is one of my recent watches. 'Paatal Lok' is my favourite web series on Amazon Prime. It's so natural.

Updated on November 17, 2020