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Interview of Allari Naresh about 'Naandhi'


Allari Naresh awaits the release of 'Naandhi' on February 19. In this interview, he talks about the movie directed by Vijay Kanakamedala, his hopes from it, the failure of 'Bangaru Bullodu' and more.

During the lockdown, a number of Telugus complained that natural films of the kind made in Malayalam are absent in Tollywood. 'Naandhi' will satisfy such audiences. 'Gamyam', 'Shambo Shiva Shambo' and 'Maharshi' have established me as a serious artist, not just a comedian. I am not limited to comedy roles.

It's not like my first priority is comedy. Audiences are done with loud comedy. They want subtle comedy and are looking for sense even in comedy movies.

If movies like 'Naandhi' have to come out, there must be producers who believe in such subjects. A story is all about how differently you tell them. The comedy shouldn't be forced. The seriousness shouldn't be forced.

'Bangaru Bullodu' was okayed in 2018. It could release only last month. The result at the box-office is definitely not satisfactory. I don't think its performance will have any impact on 'Naandhi'. Everyone in the trade knows that 'BB' got delayed by about two years. With 'Naandhi', there is no scope for disappointment. We have managed to build expectations with the teaser and trailer.

The audience are definitely liking me in serious roles. Otherwise, a film like 'Maharshi' wouldn't have come my way. After 'Gamyam', a number of serious films came my way. But I didn't accept them (as they were not up to the mark).

'Naandhi' is a realistic courtroom and investigative drama with an authentic ambiance. After 'Laddu Babu', this is one film I had to strain myself physically a lot. It was physically challenging for technical reasons as well. The nude portion is just for 15 seconds but it took more than five years to shoot the footage.

There is a little-known legal point that 'Naandhi' raises. It's already there in the law but not many know of it. Recently, an innocent prisoner was released after 27 years of living in jail. After watching the movie, people are surely going to Google the particular section we have touched upon in the film.

The film does have comedy. There are Priyadarshi and Praveen, both of whom will shock you as well as entertain you. 'Naandhi' has got no hero or heroine. It's about its many characters.

Abburi Ravi garu's dialogues are brief and effective. A page of dialogues is replaced with just a line. I have done Devi Prasad garu previously on two movies. His performance is superb. The kind of impact Chandra Mohan garu delivered in '7/G Brindavan Colony', you will see that here.

I want to play a range of roles like Vijay Sethupathi. I am open to playing villainous roles as well.  

Updated on February 17, 2021