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I am proud to have done 'Vakeel Saab': Nivetha Thomas


Nivetha Thomas, who has played a key role in 'Vakeel Saab', has said that she is proud to have been a part of the courtroom drama. In this interview, she talks about the Pawan Kalyan-starrer.

The audience have handed over a huge success to us. In general, films ought to be seen as films. But only some films have meaning beyond entertainment. 'Vakeel Saab' has come to be seen as one such film. The film is special to me in a lot of other respects, too. A lot of care was taken while remaking a film like 'Pink'.

I felt sad for testing positive for coronavirus in the run-up to the release of 'VS'. However, thankfully, I have now tested negative. I want to watch the movie in the theatre. Keeping in mind the doctor's advice, though, I am staying indoors.

Director Venu Sriram garu has made changes to the original keeping in mind Pawan Kalyan garu's image. At the same time, he has retained the soul of the source material. That way, he has done a balance.

I didn't think much about the character while not shooting for the film. But I gave my best shot while on set. The film stays true to what happens in our society. I too have been through some bad instances. So, I didn't think too much about the character/subject lest it disturbs me.

'Pink' is among my favourite films. I had watched it before signing up to do 'VS', not after.

When you are doing a film like 'VS', you don't have too much liberty as an actor. The characters have their own limitations. I submitted to the imagination of director Venu Sriram. I, Anjali and Ananya would discuss our respective characters.

I must say that Thaman's music is crucial. The songs, especially 'Maguva Maguva', have been such a hit.

A film doesn't really transform anybody. But they can play a role in triggering a positive thought in us. 'Vakeel Saab' has started a debate. The film shows that it's not right to subject women to regressive mindsets, and that it's not right to pass judgements just because they are women.

It was a special experience to work with Pawan Kalyan garu. We used to discuss the characters and scenes on the set. He is a thoughtful and calm person. During the making of the courtroom scenes, we would discuss the timing of each of the actors.

I am currently doing the remake of the Korean drama 'Midnight Runners'. Suresh Productions is producing it. Sudheer Varma is directing it. Regina Cassandra is the other lead actor in it.

Updated on April 11, 2021